It’s really just a conversation

I was visiting with a dear friend and colleague the other day. We were catching up with each other’s lives and businesses and she asked me “What is going on in your business?”
I started to say the normal things like the various places I’m speaking, some things around my business coaching, etc. and then I stopped.

I decided to share instead what I really, really love to do.

Yes, I enjoy coaching on marketing, being more productive, and handling the financial side of your business but what I really, really love to do is help people with their presentations.

nsa-mn-speakingParticularly the stories they tell, the points they make from the stories, and putting together a speech that empowers and impacts the listener.

That’s what I really love.

Not only teaching 1:1 with clients but sharing these principles to groups as well.

To my surprise she said “That’s exactly what I need.”

I was not selling; I was not even in a sales conversation as far as I was concerned. I was just sharing what I really, really love to do.

Sher hired me.

This was a game changer. While my conversation with my friend was never meant to sell it really opened up my eyes. What if we change the mindset of our sales conversations to just talking about their challenges and what we love to do. And, if it helps them great. If not, no worries. This takes all the stress away.

What do you really, really love to do? Decide who needs this and get in front of these wonderful prospects!

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