It takes just a little time


Aunt Ferdy and Mom

Yesterday Bruce, Emily, Abby,and I went to visit my mom. We then took her to a long term facility where mom’s sister, Aunt Winifred, lives. While we were there we also visited Arnie who was my dad’s roommate when he was in hospice.

Mom is 90 and Aunt Ferdy is 96.  I think I have some  longevity in my genes!

Both my Aunt Ferdy and Arnie cried from our visit. I started thinking about how little time it takes to make another person’s day.  Made me want to cry.


Arnie is happy to see us!


4 Responses to It takes just a little time

  1. Cheri Peters says:

    Don’t quit giving that little bit of time…too soon it will be gone but the memories will last forever!!!
    Wishing you many more blessings of those “little bits of time”!

  2. Doris Vogel says:

    Wow, dear, didn’t open the computer till Tues., too late to activate your exciting special. Wonderful. Trouble with age is that we forget birthdays, etc., and neglect our calendar duties. Old age is a gift, but also has trials of hearing, memory loss, and some weakness, but we can still have our prayer lists and devotions, our best blessing.

  3. Elizabeth Hagen says:

    You are so right, Cheri!

  4. Elizabeth Hagen says:

    Your best blessings are your prayers, mom!

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