It may be time to reactivate

I get great door prizes for my speaking presentations at TJ Maxx. During a presentation I gave recently, I was talking about the store, and I mentioned how hard their price stickers are to remove. Super hard. I would pick, pick, pick at it and then need to use Goo Be Gone. It was all a real hassle.

Suddenly, a gentleman in the audience shouted out, “Blow dryer.”

I was so surprised I asked, “What?!!”

“A blow dryer.”

“Why a blow dryer?”

“It reactivates the adhesive.”


I was so surprised I was almost speechless, but not quite, so I asked him “How do you know this?” He answered, “I was in the Marines and I know hundreds of things.” Good answer!

Reactivates the adhesive. Who knew? The picture above is an ‘after’ of blow drying off a price sticker on a box of stationery. It really works!

This picture is from trying to take the sticker off the ‘normal’ way. Not fun!

To me ‘reactivate the adhesive’ is like a do-over. At one time, you did something a certain way and it worked. Now, you want to do it differently. You are going to ‘reactivate’ and change how you handle something.

I think sometimes we are SO certain something should work and when it doesn’t we feel like a failure. No, we just need to reactivate.

Perhaps it’s time to reactive:

  • The way you interact with a friend
  • How you are raising your children
  • The fact that you are older now and can’t do things as fast as you used to
  • The way you market your business
  • The way you control the piles on your desk and the e-mails in the inbox.

Do-overs are wonderful. It’s not a sign of failure – it’s a sign of facing reality and making this journey we call ‘life’ even more wonderful!



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