Is the tools?

When I first started working out at my Kosama gym, almost 6 years ago, I was terrified.

Would I look dumb? Am I able to do what the trainer asks? Do I have the right form?

But, the biggest fear was the time I walked in and saw the kickboxing bags. I wanted to walk right out. The bags looked absolutely menacing.
I’m glad I stayed. I thought I was afraid of the bag but what I was afraid of was in knowing how to use it. The trainer walked us through the 4 punching and the 2 kicking moves slowly and with detail. The class started and I was actually kickboxing. I could hardly believe it!

Another tool I’m fearful of is my Neat Receipts scanner. From what I’ve heard it is amazing but I don’t take the time to learn it. I’m kind of scared of it! That is just plain silly.

In both cases it’s not the tool’s issue. It’s mine. 

How about you? Are there some tools in your life (exercise equipment, fancy TV, food processor, leaf blower, etc.) that you aren’t using because you think it’s the tool but the reality is it’s you? It’s you learning how to use it properly.

It’s easy for us to make it the tool’s fault so we don’t feel bad for having bought it in the first place. Maybe it’s time to take out the manual and learn how to use it!

My next step is to start using my Neat Receipts.

What’s your next step?!

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