Is it time for you to take charge of your day?

Have you allowed your e-mails to be in charge for too long?

If you are like most people the first thing you do in your office is check your e-mails.  I used to be the same way and when I did that I would let the inbox rule how I started my day.

I had far more important things to do but I would brush those aside as I dealt with e-mail after e-mail thinking I was getting important stuff done…but just kidding myself.

In the May, 2012 Success magazine there is a great article by Mel Robbins called “Take Control of Your Day”.  She says “If your first act when you wake up is to check for texts or e-mails, then someone else sets your priorities before you’ve had breakfast.”

Mel’s solutions:

  • First thing when you get to your office is to do a brain dump for 5-10 minutes. Dump everything you need to do on paper.
  • Highlight the top 3 things that matter most to you. Doing this will make sure you start your day by focusing on what is most important to you.
  • Go to your calendar and find a 30-minute block of time to take of these 3 items. It doesn’t have to be first thing, but sometime today.
  • Now you’ve taken control of your day and NOW you can open up your inbox.

I’ve been doing this and it has changed everything.  Am I tempted to look at the e-mails? You bet.  But now I’m in charge of my day and not all the e-mails.

One thing that I do differently than Mel teaches is that after I do my brain dump I ask “What will I do today to reach my Optimistic Number of $___________?”  My Optimistic Number is the amount that I want to book every month in my business.   I look at all the projects, ideas, and to-do’s and highlight the 3 that will make my business grow.

The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t is their confidence.  Build your confidence by setting your own priorities each day.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. 

~~Stephen Covey

Now is your time. 2012 IS YOUR YEAR.

3 Responses to Is it time for you to take charge of your day?

  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth! As always ~ great advice!

  2. Donna says:

    Sweeeet. I used to think it was nearly impossible to get up in the morning without checking my email first–even before my quiettime! So do many of the folks in my audiences! But after trying the brain dump-prioritizing method, I feel much more “in control.” My next frontier will be incorporating the Optimistic Number, a concept I really like!

  3. I agree, Donna, much more in control!

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