Is it time for a time out?

Years ago I was working with a wonderful client who I will call Marie.  We had worked very hard in her laundry room/mud room.  All the clutter was gone, items were now in labeled bins, supplies were where they needed to be, her Home Command Center was all set up, and the room (and Marie) felt great!

As we were looking over what we had accomplished I opened a cupboard door and the bottom shelf in that cupboard was completely empty.  Marie looked at me in astonishment and said “What shall I put there?” I immediately replied with great joy “Nothing!!!”

I realized that this was a huge moment in Marie and my life. It’s ok to have empty spaces in our home AND in our life.

Why is it that we feel we have to fill up every part of our life?

  • Do you look at your calendar and if there is a free night do you immediately think of something that you could do?  Or, do you leave it open and just enjoy some time to yourself?
  • Do you clear off the top of your desk and then immediately pile some more papers?  Or do you enjoy the calm and peace that order brings and implement a system to keep your office organized?
  • Do you greet your kids as they come home from school and then whisk them off to some activity every day?  Or do you have some afternoons where you sit with them, enjoy them, and really, really listen as they tell you about their day?
  • Do you have your cell phone with you every minute of the day and constantly check for new text messages?  Or do you turn it off (or better yet leave it home) when you go out with friends and give them your complete attention?

This really is your time and it may be time for a ‘time out’!  Where can you put precious empty space in your life and home?  What can you get rid of so you can have empty space?

I want to hear what you do!

4 Responses to Is it time for a time out?

  1. Barbara Boone says:

    I am the kind of person who is happiest when I am active. I live alone, have no children or husband, so my time is all my own. I understand what you are saying because as I finish a project, whether it is cleaning or doing something on my business, I am thinking about what to do next.

    On the opposite side, I do like to relax, mostly in front of the TV at the end of the day.
    I have many free nights so I don’t always look for something to do on those evenings. I understand and see my friends and relatives who feel the need to have every minute accounted for, especially the ones with children. They spend so much time taking them to their activities.

    I am not a cell phone junkie, probably because of the no children , no husband thing. It amazes me how my friends and family are so controlled by their phones. It actually annoys me when they are on the phone when we are together. I think that being that connected adds to stress. Quiet time should be honored.

  2. Beverly says:

    I have gotten in the habit of always letting everyone know where I am when I am meeting friends for lunch etc. I leave my phone turned off or in my car while I visit. I check it when I am back in my car in case of an emergency anywhere or someone needed something.

    I know what it is like to be visiting and catching up with friends when they keep looking at their phone and texting or taking calls.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I look forward to reading your newsletters!

  3. Connie says:

    My timeout comes with being married for 25 years and 3 kids later ages 24 20 and 13 and now a 10 month old grandaughter, wow!!
    What an eye opener…I cant believe how special she is and has reminded me to slow down and enjoy life and every moment. Life goes so fast I dont ever seem to feel guilty
    anymore to just lay down on the floor and play with her and see her smile and laugh and dance….and wonder did I do this with my own kids I cant seem to remember. With just a blink of an eye there almost all grown up, well 2 out of 3 anyway…
    My housem laundry, dishes they can wait, not exactly organized but that will always be there, and my sweet smiling 10 month old baby grandaughter wont .

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Barbara, Beverly, and Connie for your thoughts!

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