If you’re not ok, say so

Things were going well, really well. I had done the warm up fine and I was lifting my weights just fine.

Then, out of the blue I became extremely light headed and had a strong feeling I was going to faint.

I was smart and fell to the ground before anything happened.

kosama-tools-2I had all the right tools. The proper amount of sleep the night before, the shoes, the weight-lifting gloves, the proper size weights for me, and my water. All of this didn’t change the fact that for some reason I almost fainted.

I will admit to you what I usually do in times when I feel weak. I fake it. I don’t want to admit that anything is wrong.

Silly, right? But, do you ever do that?

Because I had the presence of mind to admit something was wrong and fall to the ground instead of ignoring the signs and then actually fainting –  I could regroup.

Our amazing trainer, Margie, came over to see how she could help. She had me sit for a bit, got me a protein bar and very strongly said, “Drink lots of water.” I did and was able to resume the workout – although at a slower pace.

Because I showed my weakness I received help.

There is a real lesson here!

It’s ok to admit when things are not ok. This is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.

Do you need to ask for help today instead of faking that everything is ok? Take it from me; it’s the right thing to do!


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