I thought I was all set

I’ve gotten into biking. I mean – big time! A few weeks ago Chris and Ashley invited me on a bike ride on our bike trails to the Sioux Falls Falls and back. I thought they were crazy to go that far but it was so much fun.

I started biking every day and last Saturday I went on 3 bike rides!

I realized that I needed some of the right tools if I was going to get the most out of the rides.

bike-toolsMy bike had mountain riding tires so Chris said the 1st thing I should get are road tires.
I listened to Chris and got the road tires at a store that specializes in bikes.

Then I realized the palms of my hands hurt on long rides so I purchased biking gloves.

While I was at the bike store getting the gloves I saw this really cool phone bag which not only holds a phone but also other supplies. Perfect!

I thought I was all set.

A few days ago I set out for my morning bike ride and a neighbor stopped me and suggested I do the ENTIRE bike trail loop around Sioux Falls.

I told him I’m sure I would get lost! He told me there wasn’t any way that would happen as it is just a big circle. I told him that he didn’t know me very well!

But, off I went and I did it! 22 miles from my home and back around the entire city.

It was a really cool bike ride but during the ride there were long spots where I was the only one on the trail. I did not feel comfortable.

So yesterday I got my last tool I needed for great bike rides – a can of mace!

When I called a local sporting goods store to see if they had mace the guy said, “We have small cans, medium cans, and large cans. The large cans are for when you deal with bears!” Good grief. I got a small can.

Yesterday I went for a ride with all the tools in place. It was a glorious bike ride. Isn’t it interesting how things are easier in life and business with the right tools?

Cooking is easier.
Laundry is easier.
Cleaning is easier.
Improving relationships is easier.
Keeping track of your prospects and clients in your database is easier.
Finding files in your computer or file cabinet is easier.
Knowing what’s on your calendar is easier.
Staying on top of financers is easier.
Growing your business is easier.

I could go on and on!

Are there tools that you need in place for your life and business so you have less stress? If so, please go to an expert in that area to find out what you need. I’m glad I did!

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