How to Organize Your Closet so you will get Dressed…Not Stressed!

messy closetLook familiar?

  • Do you walk into your closet and feel like crying?!
  • Do you find yourself scrambling every morning wondering what to wear?
  • Are you ready to enjoy an organized closet and find what you want in seconds?
  • Would you love to ‘love’ your clothes in your closet?

Then you are in the right place! Get ready for the information-packed teleclass “How to Organize Your Closet so you will Get Dressed…not Stressed!” on Wednesday, August 19 at 1 PM ET.

On this teleclass find out:

  • How to organize your closet in 6 steps so it will stay organized
  • How to figure out what to keep and what to donate
  • How to organize your closet by categories so you can easily make new outfits
  • How to use the ‘blink test to know that you look fantastic!

My special guest for part of the teleclasJill Swansons will be Jill Swanson, nationally known image consultant, wardrobe coach, and motivational speaker. She empowers others to achieve a look that will bring personal confidence and take the guess work out of getting dressed in the morning. Jill is the author of “Simply Beautiful” – a fabulous book on how to simplify your wardrobe and look great in the process!

Jill will teach us ‘what to wear’ not ‘what not to wear’! She’ll be sharing her Wardrobe Stimulus Plan including the Core Top Ten pieces that will be prove to be a wise investment in your self esteem and make shopping and dressing fun and easy!

Jill has a gift for you!  Click here to receive Jill’s ‘Top 10 Closet Tricks’.

Jill will help us discover:

  • How to have a ‘grab & go’ wardrobe
  • Where to save and where to splurge
  • Ways to look 10 pounds thinner and
  • The ‘secret tool of attraction’

You will receive all of this information for only $19! Now is your time to take back control of your closet, your wardrobe, and your confidence!  We can’t wait to meet you on Wednesday, August 19 at 1 PM ET/Noon Central/11 AM Mountain/10 AM Pacific! Can’t make it ‘live’? No worries!  If you’re registered you’ll receive a downloadable recording right after the class to listen to at your convenience.


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