Have you said these words lately?

On Sunday my husband, Bruce, and daughter, Abigail, visited mom. She was having a day where she was feeling exhausted and wasn’t her usual bright shiny self. abby-mom-me

But, when she realized it we us, she said, “You are here again? I am so blessed. You always do extra.”

How often when someone sees you they see you, “I am so blessed.”?
How often when you see someone do you say, “I am so blessed.”?

What would happen in your life and work if you started using mom’s phrase?

I think amazing things would happen!

The picture on the left was taken right before we left and she would not let go of my hands. I didn’t want to let go, either. Can you see how peaceful she is?

That’s how we feel when we are around people who bless us.

Is it time to choose to be with people who bless you and you bless them?

My challenge: Tell two people today that you are so blessed when you are with them.

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