Get in front of the right people who want to hire you

If you really want to grow your business this is the time to be calling local civic organizations, women’s groups, church groups, chamber of commerce, etc. and get on their schedule to speak to them this fall and winter.  Don’t wait.  Their calendars are filling up already.

Don’t know who to contact? You need to get in front of your niche.

I read an article by James Roche and he said the easiest way to figure out your niche is to look in the mirror.  Yes, you are your choice client. So, where do you hang out? What organizations/associations do you belong to?  These places are where you need to speak.

And, speaking in front of these groups will cost only pennies compared to paid advertising or the time you spend at networking events.

Here’s exactly what you do:

  1. Along with Googling organizations/associations in your area start carrying along a small spiral notebook.  As you’re out and about and you notice a place of business that could use your expertise (such as large insurance companies, large health spas, etc.) write it down in your notebook.
  2. When you get back to your office add these places to your list of possible speaking venues and contact them.
  3. Don’t know what to say?  Less is more as they are busy just like everybody else.  Say who are you, what your topic is, and ask if that would be a good fit for their group.  Want to know more about how to do this Want to know more about how to do this?  Join me for the ‘Transform Your Business One-Day Pumpcamp’ on Wednesday, June 13. .
  4. For the month of June set a goal to contact a certain number of places and don’t give up!  Once you start speaking, start demonstrating your expertise, and have a great promotional piece to get them to take action – your phone is going to start ringing with the right kind of prospective clients wanting to work with you!

The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t is their confidence.  Build your confidence by making a decision to take your marketing into your own hands.  If you’re hoping and praying for the phone to ring but are not taking action to build your pipeline – good luck!

Now is your time.  2012 IS YOUR YEAR.


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