Full Throttle Wide Open

Happy, Happy New Year! I think it’s always a glorious feeling to embrace a new year. So many possibilities. Personally, I tell myself Happy New Year on the 1st of every month because that way I get to celebrate 12 New Years AND have that feeling of possibilities every 30 days!

 Every year I choose a theme for my business and my life. If you know me you may be surprised to hear that my theme this year comes from a Country and Western song! I was driving through Iowa recently and was scanning for a radio station with music I wanted to hear. As I was scanning it stopped on a Country and Western station and before I could change it I started listening to an amazing song.The artist is Jason Aldean and the song is “The Only Way I Know“. He sings about growing up in a farm town where everyone works hard and that is just the way it was.The chorus is:
That’s the only way I know
Don’t stop till everything’s gone
Straight ahead never turn around
Full throttle wide open
You get tired, you don’t show it
Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more
That’s the only way I know

I grew up on an acreage where we had horses and we raised dogs and had a boarding kennel. I know all about working until the job is done. I also saw what my dad and grandpa modeled. They both had an amazing work ethic.

But this song means more to me than the work ethic. It’s about doing your absolute best and with a ‘full throttle wide open’ type of attitude.

Not letting anything get in my way.

Leaving the past where it belongs.

Having total belief in myself.

What does ‘full throttle wide open’ mean to you?

Jason sings “Maybe there’s another path that will get you there a little bit faster, but I’m sticking with the one inside of me.”

The ‘one inside of me’ are the morals taught me by my parents and grandparents. The ‘one inside of me’ is God and family first. The ‘one inside of me’ is my passion to make sure every woman knows her incredible value and worth.

What’s ‘the one inside of you’?

Taking on my ‘full throttle wide open’ theme means my newsletters this year are going to be different. My hope for you is each issue will give you something to think about. My hope is each issue will give you the desire to do and be your best.

I encourage you to post below the answers to the two questions I asked. The only way to make changes in your life is to take action and when you let others know your plans then the changes become real. I would love to see in 2013 my blog become a place for you to share, get support, and make new friends!

Have an amazing 2013!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I really like this song too. I find myself listing to country music more than ever as I get older. And it’s the lyrics that really hit home for me the last few years. Good choice ~ good fit!

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