Focus on what you do well

Do you ever wonder at the end of the day, “Just exactly what did I do today?” You’re not alone.

I often hear people comment, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” An unplanned day can allow the time to fly by without getting done what we need to accomplish.

It’s important to realize that there are 24 hours in a day and that this is not going to change any time soon! There is enough time in the day when you focus on doing what’s important.

Figure out what you are really, really good at—where your “expertise” lies. Do those things and either get rid of the other tasks or delegate them to someone else.

Have you noticed when you are doing an activity or work you love that life is good? That you’re happy with yourself? That you’re kinder to others?

Often there is something getting in the way of doing what you love to do. Perhaps you are focusing on an event from the past. Staying focused on the past can keep you paralyzed.

In the Biblical story about Lot and his wife, God told them to leave the sinful towns of Sodom and Gomorrah and not look back. Lot was able to walk away but as his wife left the cities, she turned back and was frozen forever into a pillar of salt.

This is what happens to us when we spend too much time looking back. We become frozen in time.

While it’s important to learn from the past, let’s stop focusing on what’s behind and start moving forward in the present.

Is now the time for you to start looking forward and begin really enjoying your life? I hope so!

Start today with one small step in dealing with a negative past event, making changes for the better, and looking forward positively to the wonderful life you’re creating!

The present is where actions are taken and progress is achieved.

What do you absolutely love to do? How can you do more of this in your life? Le me now below!

2 Responses to Focus on what you do well

  1. Hi, Elizabeth — Thanks so much for your post. What do I love to do? I love to sit and read with Steve. When I’m doing that, I know I’ve kept my priorities straight and work has been set aside for that moment. How can I do more of that? Keep my commitment to making the time. Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  2. admin says:

    Sounds lovely, Gaye! Missed seeing you at Mark’s event this past weekend.

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