Every 30 Days – Only 30 Minutes

I think it’s great to set year goals, 3-year goals, etc.  But they can seem so ‘far our there’ that often we lose momentum and nothing changes.

I’d like you to take on my mantra of ‘every 30 days – only 30 minutes’. 


What do you want to get done in the next 30 days? Some ideas are:

  • Start a newsletter
  • Restart a newsletter!
  • Call past clients
  • Look for some new networking venues this year
  • A direct mail campaign
  • Give a workshop
  • Do a teleclass
  • Start writing a book or a home study program
  • What do you want to do?

Make a decision.  Now think about what you can do on this new project in 30-minute increments.  Now schedule those 30-minute appointments in your calendar. It really is this easy to knock things off your to-do list.

Very important, during these 30-minute increments you must use my BIC principle – Bottom In Chair.  This means that you DO NOT get up and do something else during your 30 minutes!

Take on my ‘every 30 days – only 30 minutes’ mantra and let me know how much you accomplish!

Now is your time. 2012 IS YOUR YEAR.

2 Responses to Every 30 Days – Only 30 Minutes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I really needed that. My husband & I are selling our business in 67days at auction & there are so many things to get done & organize! I hope I can implement many of your ideas. Thanks. Teresa

  2. I hope it all goes well, Teresa!

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