Save Yourself with Systems

Busy woman

Can you relate?!

Do you ever feel like this gal with lots going on? How do you take back control? Don’t know?  The answer is with systems!

I love systems. I just love them!

Having a system for anything you do takes the guess work away which save time, stress, energy, money, you name it!

Think about when you clean up after dinner. I bet you have a system.  Everything goes off the table and into the kitchen.  You put away things in the fridge. Then you clean off the plates/silverware and in to the dishwasher they go. If it’s full you start the dishwasher, wipe off the table and counter, and you’re out of there!

That’s a system. You probably do it the same every single time. No guesswork.

What about at the office?  Do you have systems for?

  • Handling e-mail
  • Phone messages
  • To-do’s
  • Filing
  • When someone purchases a product
  • Prospective clients
  • Client follow-up
  • Speaking prospects

Yes? No? If you do, fantastic. If you don’t, take special care when you are working to document how you do things.  This document becomes your system and you can replicate it over and over.  This also makes a great checklist so nothing falls through the cracks.

July Confidence Action Step:
Take the time to figure out what you don’t have systems for and put them in place.  Yes, it takes time but will save you so much time in the long run. You will feel so much better about yourself and your work when you are more productive.

Don’t make this complicated. Just open a Word doc and name it – for example – Handling E-mails. Now put in order exactly what you do when you open an e-mail. Hopefully you make a decision and handle it and not just go on the next one! Once you fine tune this document have it handy and follow the steps every time.

July Organization Tip:

Take all the business cards you have in your desk drawer and in piles on your desk.  Go through and shred those that are no longer valid and then decide on a system for the rest.  Do you want to contact them and see if this is still their valid phone/e-mail?  What do you have for a contact database system so you can enter the information and get rid of the card? How will you follow-up?  When you answer these questions you have your Business Card System!

Let me know what systems you put in to place!

2 Responses to Save Yourself with Systems

  1. Ola says:

    Elizabeth, I so appreciate this article! It’s perfect for me right now. I know I have heard the basics of this before, but somehow it’s so clear for me today. I can see that it will take some time to do, but will be invaluable when it’s done. Actually, it will be valuable even before it’s “complete” – each baby step, each step that is documented is more than I have now! Yippee! Thanks, Elizabeth! ~ Ola

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks, Ola. You’re right – it’s valuable ever before it’s done!

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