Do you think you have to know everything?

me-with-abby3When our son, Chris, was three and our daughter, Emily was one, we had precious baby Abby.  A beautiful delightful baby except for one thing – she never slept more than two hours at a time.  Since I was nursing Abby, I never slept for more than two hours at a time either. This went on month after month after month.  I kept thinking when she hit three months old she would stop crying, or four months, or five months, but if I wasn’t holding Abby upright she would cry.

Some nights after laying Abby in her crib and she would start crying I would lay on the floor and weep. I didn’t know what to do.  I had fed her, she had a clean diaper – what else did she need?  I was her mother and I should know what to do but I felt helpless and without hope.

When Abby was 7 months old I decided to reach out for help and went to our family doctor.  After the examination the doctor told me Abby had ear infections in both of her ears and this was why she would cry when I laid her down –  she was in pain. I felt like the worse mother ever.  How could I not have figured this out myself?

I will tell you why – because I’m not a doctor.  I can’t know what I don’t know.  It is just not possible.

How about you?  Have you ever:

  • Tried what you thought was a great direct mail campaign but you got no response?
    • Sent e-mails to all of your past clients with a great offer but no one hired you?
    • Spent hours on Social Media and you are having fun but your checking account balance stays the same?
    • Felt hopeless and exhausted as you think about what actions to take today to grow your business?

Just because you started your own business does not mean you know everything you need to know. Just because I was a mom of 3 toddlers did not mean I knew all there was to know about raising children. I thought I did but I was wrong.

Thank goodness there are people who have gone before us and are happy to help us move forward.

Ready to take action?
First of all stop thinking that you have to know everything.  If this is hard for you I want you to know it was very hard for me, too!

Second, reach out to someone in your field who is where you’d like to be.  Do not ask to ‘pick their brain’!  Invest in yourself and your business and hire this person to help you move forward.  Please don’t wait 7 months like I did with Abigail.  The time is now to go from feeling hopeless to feeling in control of your business.

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