Day 27 of 30-Day Commitment: Are you a boardwalk?

On the Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk

I was on my first boardwalk this week. I have always wondered what a boardwalk really is and I found out.  It really is boards and you walk on it!

Could it be any clearer?  A boardwalk is where you walk on boards. 

What if we were this clear in our lives?  Do you say you are congruent but your life doesn’t show it?  Do you say you are honest but you tell little white lies?

What about in your buiness?  What if your marketing was so clear that prospective clients would know exactly what you do?  I know what would happen. You’d start working with your choice clients and those that were not a right fit would not even contact you.

Are you a boardwalk?!

Enjoying the ocean view with Lauren and Jill

One Response to Day 27 of 30-Day Commitment: Are you a boardwalk?

  1. Oh, Elizabeth, you would love Australia.

    They are so straightforward over there. When we visited we laughed everytime we heard a place name, e.g. a giant road next to the ocean is called……. Great Ocean Road…… 🙂

    Etc, etc.

    There is no way you can get confused over there!

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