Day 18 of my 30-Day Commitment: A good way to live

In Seth Godin’s blog today called “Is Everything Perfect?” he talked about how we respond when someone asks “How are you?” or “How’s business?” Normally we respond with what’s not going well.

To me the gem in the blog was when Seth said “Highlighting what’s working helps you make that happen more often.”

In my language that means – stop talking about what’s not working, start sharing what is working, and watch more of that happen.

Sounds like a good way to live to me!

One Response to Day 18 of my 30-Day Commitment: A good way to live

  1. Right on!! I catch myself often feeling “guilty” for being successful and that I shouldn’t share my excitement at times with others. Crazy… I know, but a habit that is hard to break. Now when someone asks… I say, “It’s going gr8!”, “I’m as busy as I want to be!” That is always true whether, I’m overloaded with projects or have taken the whole month off!

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