Confidence Tip of the Day

Are you holding on to something in the past? It’s important to learn from the past but holding on just keeps us stuck. What do you need to let go of?

Make a list of any grudges or wrongs (imagined or real). Write down next to each one how it makes you feel when you think about this item. Doesn’t feel very good does it?! This is the time to get these bad feelings out of your life. Now, and this may be the hard part – write down that you forgive this person and then with a big red marker cross out this item. You do NOT have to contact the person but in your heart forgive them. Watch and see how you feel when you’ve crossed out the ‘wrong’. It is SO freeing.

When you’ve completed your sheet burn or shred the paper. Whenever the thought comes up again about this grudge just say the word ‘cancel’ either in
your mind or out loud and you’ll remember that you’ve forgiven this person and you can move on. Yes, it’s your time to move on. Your world is going to be amazingly free now.

After you’ve done this process your mind and heart will now be open to making incredible goals that you will achieve. Set goals for the next month, the next 6 months, and for the next year. Your life will be amazing!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Thank you!

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