Complimentary Teleclass with Rosalie Marcus, Wednesday, March 18 from 7 to 8 PM ET

Promotional products…you see those ubiquitous items with logos everywhere ( T-Shirts, Pens, Caps, Calendars, etc) Maybe you’ve even used them… but how do you know if you’re using them correctly?

Is there a proven way to get the most for your money? Forget about wasting dollars on ineffective promotions and instead learn how can you change a promotional product from a mere giveaway to an effective targeted promotional vehicle that attracts business to you and stays in front of your most wanted clients.  Join me and promotional products industry expert and award winning promotional advisor Rosalie Marcus to learn how to…

  1. Understand what a promotional product is and why it is the most cost effective form of marketing today.
  2. Understand where promotional products fit in their marketing mix
  3. Know how to use a 6 step process to choose the best promotional product for their needs every time.
  4. Have a basic understanding of the type of art needed to reproduce their logo on a promotional product
  5. Know the big mistakes to avoid when buying a promotional product
  6. Know how to choose the right promotional advisor
  7. Be able to get the best results when using promotional products

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