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It’s only 4%

only-4-percentThe owners of my Kosama gym write the best inspiration on the blackboard in the entry way.

This week it is ‘a one-hour workout is 4% of your day’.

Think about that. Only 4%.

Certainly puts a one-hour workout in perspective!

One hour spent goal setting and journaling is only 4% of your day.

One hour spent planning your menu and grocery list is only 4% of your day.

One hour spent on organizing your kitchen junk drawer or your desk is only 4% of your day.

One hour spent in outbound marketing calls is only 4% of your day.

One hour spent on segmenting your database into groups so you can easily follow up with prospects is only 4% of your day.

One hour spent fine tuning a presentation is only 4% of your day.

What could you spend 4% of your day on that would make a difference in your work or life?

It’s only 4%!


Then life took first place

I am in St. Paul, MN right now on a 4-day business trip and I get to speak 3 times. Awesome!

But life took first place before I got here.

I had been preparing for my presentations weeks in advance but I knew I’d have plenty of time in the days leading up to my trip so I wasn’t too worried about getting it all done.

Then life took first place.

We got the call wmom-new-roome had been waiting for so my mom could get back to her home town. She has been in a wonderful nursing home 10 miles from her home but we both wanted to get her back home.

The call came last Thursday that a room had opened up and last weekend was spent packing up mom and getting her to her new home.

At age 92 this is no small thing emotionally or physically. As excited as mom was we needed time with her to let it all sink in.

On my end I found it amazing how one tiny lady can collect so much stuff in a small area! This picture shows mom’s new room and I am about ready to get it organized.

My preparation for my business trip was put on the back burner. But you know what? It all got done, I’m here in St. Paul ready to go, and I loved every minute helping mom with her new adventure.

Life trumps business every time. Spend some time with your loved ones this week!

First things first

Do you ever get to the end of the day and realize you were busy all day but can’t think of anything that you got done?

I thought so!

How do you prioritizphone-angele? Doing the easy things first and pushing off what’s important to later?


Look at your to-do list and ask yourself “Of all these items listed here – what will put me closest to a sales conversation?”

I guarantee you’d probably rather organize a desk drawer than do that task but fight the urge.

I can also guarantee that task is making a phone call to a new prospect, an existing prospect, an inactive client, or an active client.

Who are you going to call?

Self-Care Sanity: Idea #12 – The Gift of Less

Helping mom with her closet when they downsized

Helping mom in her closet when they downsized

Do you want to feel great by doing something that only takes 10 minutes? I’m assuming you said ‘yes’! Go into your closet with a bag and a timer. Set the timer for 10 minutes and see how quickly you can make decisions and get rid of items you no longer wear.

Trust me on this. The quicker you make the decisions the better. Do you see a blouse that you feel makes you look tired when wearing it? Out it goes. Shoes that hurt? Out. Scarf you got as a present and you don’t like scarves? Out.
If these items are in good shape bring them to your donation of choice.

What if you would do this once a week? There really is no reason to have clothes in your closet you don’t like wearing. Right?!

What are you waiting for?

Self-Care Sanity: Idea #8 – The Gift of Making Someone’s Day

8-gift-of-making-someones-dayI was in the card aisle picking out a birthday card and I happened to notice the encouragement card section. For some reason I was drawn to that area and picked up a card that expressed exactly how I feel about my friend, Wendy.

When I got home wrote a quick note to her in the card and put it in the mail. A few days later I received this email:

Thank you, my dear friend, for the card you sent me. I’ve had an extremely hard week at work with lots of personnel issues and my accounting software had a big failure which cost us days of extra work. That card just was like the Balm of Gilead – soothing to my weary soul.

I appreciate you right back and love you.

Take time today to write a note to a friend. You never know how your note may make their day.

When I asked Wendy if I could have her permission to share what she wrote she told me:

I know you are ALWAYS there for me – no doubt in my mind. Thank you for listening to God’s prompt and reaching out to me – it really did touch my spirit.

What are you9-gaye-card waiting for?

PS  The day I wrote this post I received an encouragement card from my dear friend Gaye. How perfect is that?!


2015 Success Now: Action Step #15 – Save for Later

Having a shredder is a wonderful idea.  Using it is even better!

I used to always have a big pile of papers to shred on the floor by my shredder until I would take the time to shred.

Drove me nuts.

shredderI needed a system. I wanted to have a place to keep the papers I wanted to shred but out of sight.
I discovered the most amazing tool for my new system – Post-it Wall Pockets. Simply wonderful!!

I placed the Post-It Wall Pocket on the side of my desk by my shredder and put paper I want to shred in the pocket.   The papers are there when I’m ready.  No more piles.

We all know we should not toss papers with personal information but sometimes it’s easier to toss/recycle than to take the time to shred.  Not anymore!  Set up your own shredding system and you are good to go.

It’s ok to save things for later when you have a system.  Systems make everything easier in your business.  This is an easy one to set up and then we are ready to tackle a bigger one!

What are you waiting for?

2015 Success Now: Action Step #13 – Strengthen Your Fear

kosama-toolsEvery morning at 6:10 am I attend what I consider to be a loving but kick-in-the-backside gym called Kosama.  The classes are instructor led and they have various tools they use to work us out for the grueling 50 minutes.

Without the tools or instructors nothing would happen.  No changes would be made in my life.

There are many tools you need to run a successful business.  I’m covering some of them in these 2015 Success Action Steps.

But, the most important tool you need you can’t see.  It’s your mindset.  What are you doing to strengthen your belief in yourself and what you offer to others?

It starts with facing the big bad monster of FEAR.  All those thoughts you have as you work to grow your business every day.

Thoughts like:

  • I can’t call her.  She probably doesn’t have the money to hire me.
  • Speak in front of a group?  Are you kidding?  They already know all I have to say.
  • I guess I won’t go to that networking event after all.   I don’t know who I would talk to.
  • Giving a teleclass sounds like a great idea.  But, how would I even go about doing it?
  • I should really be using a contact database system.  But, I’m not very good with the computer.  I’ll just keep throwing business cards I get in the drawer.
  • There’s no need to go out and meet prospects face to face. I’ll just spend a lot of time posting on Facebook and Twitter.
  • And so on….and so on….

I recently saw a video with Christie Love, of called “Overcoming Your Fears” and she gave a great acronym for FEAR:





So true.

What if you would stop accepting the excuses your fears give you?  What if you would face the imagined fears in your mind and do it anyway?  What would happen?

What are you waiting for?  •  605-310-5764  •

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