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Sweet60Success: Day 53: Do they know?

8-22-14-do-they-knowBruce and I were taking a walk on the bike trail in Okoboji, IA while on vacation.  I like to think I’m in pretty good shape but after about a 2-mile walk I was ready to sit by the beach!

During our walk we saw people golfing on a beautiful course.  We came around a turn a saw a sign for the Okoboji View Golf Course that invited walkers and cyclists to enjoy their restaurant.

It would never have occurred to me to visit the restaurant. I would have assumed it was a private course and the restaurant would just be for members.

So often in business we make assumptions about our clients.  In fact, there are two deadly assumptions we as business owners often make:

#1:  When someone pays us for a service we assume they know everything else we offer.

#2:  When someone pays us for a service we assume when they need us again they will contact us.

I commend the manager of the Okoboji View Golf Course for not assuming the walkers and cyclists would know the restaurant was open to everyone.

Do your clients know all the different ways you can serve them?

Do your clients know you want to keep doing business with them?

If not, it’s time to do a better job of staying in touch with your prospects and clients.

When we assume we lose business.



Sweet60Success: Day 52: 3 is the perfect number

8-21-14-3-not--4I walked over to Addi’s house today to pick her up and take her for lunch. We have an ice cream shop close to our house and it’s the perfect distance for a walk. I told her we were going to pick up Abby to come along with us.

‘3 girls”, said Addi. “Not 4, 3 girls.”

3 is a perfect number for so many things and today 3 girls fit perfectly on the sidewalk!

3 is a great number for your business.

3 main points is the perfect number for an hour presentation.

3 others is perfect for a master-mind group.

When you are procrastinating on a task set a timer for 3 minutes and when it goes off you will have the momentum to keep going.

Think long term and decide on 3 projects you want to get done in the next 30 days, 3 in the next 90 days, and 3 in the next 12 months.

3 high-value activities is the perfect number of business development tasks to start your day.

What is your ‘3’ today?




Sweet60Success: Day 51: Go back to what worked

8-20-14-go-back-to-what-workedOver 20 years ago we purchased a time share at Village West in Okoboji, IA.  For years we had the best week each summer with our kids at the lake. Our week was right before school started and it was perfect.  A wonderful way to end the summer.

Then the ‘powers that be’ decided to move school up a week.  About that time we started having kids go off to college and that was often the week we were moving them. There were a few years where we rented our week out or just didn’t use it.

Now that the kids are grown we are back!  The kids all take turns using it and this year it worked out that Bruce and I could be up here more than we have in recent years.

We are enjoying every minute.  As I was sitting on the beach today I remembered all the fun times we had making sand castles, swimming, riding the jet ski, etc.

All the vacations we had over the years on the beach worked.  I had forgotten how it had worked.

In business it is easy to forget about what has worked in the past.  So often we always look for the ‘new’ way to market, the ‘new’ app to manage our to-do list, or the ‘new’ guru who is going to change everything for us.

Look back.  What worked before will work again.


Sweet60Success: Day 50: Sometimes it’s all in a name

8-19-14-all-in-a-nameI opened my mailbox, took the mail out, and smiled.  I received a letter from one of my amazing coaching clients and she called me ‘Coach Extraordinaire’!

I stood taller.  My confidence soared.  I felt fantastic.

Sometimes it is all in a name.

What are you calling yourself today?


Sweet60Success: Day 49: Just keep balancing

8-18-14-just-keep-balancingEver since my sister-in-law, Lori, started showing me pictures of her paddle boarding in Dubai I’ve wanted to try it.

We took a mini vacation to Okobjoi, IA and paddle boards were available for rent at the beach.  I didn’t have to think too long before jumping up and renting one.

It’s one thing to rent one and entirely different to have the courage to get on the board!  When the young man was giving me some instructions I expressed my fear of getting on and immediately falling off.  He said these magic words “You can start off on your knees”.  The best words ever!

I paddled off safely on my knees and then I bravely stood up.  I did it! I then dropped to my knees again but each time I stood up I stayed up longer and longer until I felt confident. It is so peaceful to be out on a lake with no motors running – just the quite lapping of the water.

My wonderful friend, Renee Rongen, posted on my Facebook wall when I asked for tips on paddle boarding. She said “Just keep balancing, Miss Elizabeth”.  And that’s exactly what I did.

How true is this in life and work.  Just keep balancing.  Sometimes we need to drop to our knees and admit we aren’t quite ready for what we want to do. But, we don’t quit.  When the fear subsides we stand up again. And keep balancing.

Just keep balancing today. I believe in you.



Sweet60Success: Day 48: A new view

8-17-14-an-amazing-viewI spend a lot of time in my home office. I have a great office and I love it but sometimes my mind feels stuck from being in the same place every day.  It’s then time to have a new view.

If it’s a gorgeous day I sit out on my front porch.  I feel content, peaceful, and it’s amazing how challenges become solved as I let myself just ‘be’.

When I work with my fantastic coaching clients I give them a new view for their business:

V – I  make sure they are heading in the right direction and help them create a vision of where they can take their business.

I – Secondly, together we brainstorm ideas and action steps they can take to get their telephone to ring and general more referrals.

E -Third, I make sure we are capitalizing on their experiences and expertise and make the best use of their gifts and talents.

W – Last (but not least!), once they are focused and on track I help them create a new way of running their business and give them a path and a plan for generating more business.

Do you feel the need for a new view? Is it time to get out of the ‘same-o same-o’ you may be feeling and start moving forward?

A new view may be just what you need!



Sweet60Success: Day 47: Right in front of my eyes

8-16-14-right-in-front-of-your-eyesDoes your brain ever feel like it’s about to burst with all of your ideas for your business?!

We definitely need a place to keep track of not only our ideas but the actions steps to take to accomplish them.

I’ve tried many different methods – on paper, in my computer, on my phone, etc.  I have finally decided that they need to be right in front of my eyes.

Years ago I purchased this great project organizing system from Levenger. I used it for a bit and then forgot about it.  A few days ago I pulled it out again and I am in love!

The minute I think of a project I take a colored 3×5 card and title the card the project name and put it on this board.  As I think of action steps I write them on the card. But, I don’t worry about the action steps right away. They come to me as I glance at the project titles.  When I’m ready I get the action steps into my calendar as appointments and then…away I go!

How do you keep track of your ideas?  Is it time to get them in front of your eyes?!

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