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Systems save the day – even at the gym!

There are many reasons I love going to my Kosama gym. Too many to list, really! One of the biggest is that I am told exactly what to do and for how long and for how many times. By the way, AMRAP stands for ‘as many reps as possible’.

For years I worked out at a gym on my own and I never really pushed myself.  At Kosama I am pushed farther than I ever think I can go. 1)The trainers are great motivators. 2) The training is very clear.  The training is really a system, if you think about it.

I think it’s fascinating how much easier everything is with systems. When I was a mom of 5 kids systems saved my life.

  • Menu planning on Sunday
  • Grocery shopping on Monday
  • Laundry three times a week and put away that day
  • Get ready for the next day the night before
  • All important papers we need at our fingertips are in the Family Binder
  • Every 3 months do a freezer meal day
  • One calendar along with a white board on a cupboard door to list out the day’s events
  • and more!

In business systems save my day:

  • Write Wednesday Wisdom every Tuesday
  • On Monday schedule the posts for my Clear the Desk Movement
  • Update QuickBooks every day
  • Reach out to 3 prospects every day
  • Schedule administration time, marketing time program development time, etc.
  • and more!

For me, life and business is easier and I experience less stress when my systems are in place and I know what I have scheduled for me to do that day. Just like at Kosama, I know exactly what to do.

Do you use systems in your life? How do they save you?!

If not, what system should you start with?!



Is the tools?

When I first started working out at my Kosama gym, almost 6 years ago, I was terrified.

Would I look dumb? Am I able to do what the trainer asks? Do I have the right form?

But, the biggest fear was the time I walked in and saw the kickboxing bags. I wanted to walk right out. The bags looked absolutely menacing.
I’m glad I stayed. I thought I was afraid of the bag but what I was afraid of was in knowing how to use it. The trainer walked us through the 4 punching and the 2 kicking moves slowly and with detail. The class started and I was actually kickboxing. I could hardly believe it!

Another tool I’m fearful of is my Neat Receipts scanner. From what I’ve heard it is amazing but I don’t take the time to learn it. I’m kind of scared of it! That is just plain silly.

In both cases it’s not the tool’s issue. It’s mine. 

How about you? Are there some tools in your life (exercise equipment, fancy TV, food processor, leaf blower, etc.) that you aren’t using because you think it’s the tool but the reality is it’s you? It’s you learning how to use it properly.

It’s easy for us to make it the tool’s fault so we don’t feel bad for having bought it in the first place. Maybe it’s time to take out the manual and learn how to use it!

My next step is to start using my Neat Receipts.

What’s your next step?!

It may be time to reactivate

I get great door prizes for my speaking presentations at TJ Maxx. During a presentation I gave recently, I was talking about the store, and I mentioned how hard their price stickers are to remove. Super hard. I would pick, pick, pick at it and then need to use Goo Be Gone. It was all a real hassle.

Suddenly, a gentleman in the audience shouted out, “Blow dryer.”

I was so surprised I asked, “What?!!”

“A blow dryer.”

“Why a blow dryer?”

“It reactivates the adhesive.”


I was so surprised I was almost speechless, but not quite, so I asked him “How do you know this?” He answered, “I was in the Marines and I know hundreds of things.” Good answer!

Reactivates the adhesive. Who knew? The picture above is an ‘after’ of blow drying off a price sticker on a box of stationery. It really works!

This picture is from trying to take the sticker off the ‘normal’ way. Not fun!

To me ‘reactivate the adhesive’ is like a do-over. At one time, you did something a certain way and it worked. Now, you want to do it differently. You are going to ‘reactivate’ and change how you handle something.

I think sometimes we are SO certain something should work and when it doesn’t we feel like a failure. No, we just need to reactivate.

Perhaps it’s time to reactive:

  • The way you interact with a friend
  • How you are raising your children
  • The fact that you are older now and can’t do things as fast as you used to
  • The way you market your business
  • The way you control the piles on your desk and the e-mails in the inbox.

Do-overs are wonderful. It’s not a sign of failure – it’s a sign of facing reality and making this journey we call ‘life’ even more wonderful!



Just a little help might be nice

alex-climbing-wall-1Addilynn and Alexander were thrilled when their parents got them a fabulous swing set with a climbing wall! What could be better?

I know in a matter of weeks Alexander will be doing this by himself. But, for right now, he needs a little help.

Have you ever felt that way in your life or business? You could use just a little help right now? You know you’ll be ok in the future but, for right now, you need some help.

This was true for me with:

  • Learning computer programs
  • QuickBooks
  • Giving webinars and teleclasses
  • Designing Mind Maps
  • Discovering the ins and outs of being a professional speaker
  • Marketing
  • Parenting
  • …the list could go on and on!

Where could you use help? Please don’t be afraid to ask. That’s the issue. So often we struggle along on our own only to find if we had just asked – we’d be much further than we are right now.

Live and learn!

Confidence-bookIn 2011, I started looking back at my life and all I had learned. I started typing up the stories associated with the events and lessons learned and it became something I am very proud of – The Confidence: Now is Your Time – 30 Days to a More Extraordinary You book. This book has helped many give themselves the permission to be who they were created to be.

Just a little help – that’s all you need! The answers are in this book. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!

Look up



I had a coaching client tell me yesterday she was going to put her head down (figuratively) and focus on a project. This made perfect sense as she was wanting to avoid distractions.

After thinking about it, though, I told her to look up instead.

Just the term ‘put my head down’ causes a negative feeling. One of bondage, almost.

But, thinking ‘look up’ instead is a feeling of optimism, the future, good things ahead, etc.

When my dad was first moved into hospice we could not find his gold watchdad-watch that he had for 40 years. This watch represented a huge portion of his life and I was determined to find it. I finally found it in the pocket of his coat and when I put it on his frail wrist he looked up at me with a smile and said, “Man, things are really looking up!” In 2 seconds my dad became a motivational speaker!

He was facing the last days of his life and he found a way to make a sad situation a positive one.

If we look for the good during a day; we will find it. If we look for the bad during the day; we will find it.

If we look for the good in ourself and others; we will find it.

Maybe it’s time to look up.

Keeping our head down is exhausting. Look up and see the awesomeness in your life and others.

What do you see?!

Post-It Notes, really?!



Have you ever planned what you wanted to do that day only to find at the end of the day you did everything BUT what you had planned?

I was visiting my amazing friend, Theresa Rose, in Minneapolis. She showed me a unique way to know what you want to do each day and stay on track. Very unique. Using Post-It Notes!

She has a home office and in her office is a fireplace with 5 tiles at the top. She takes unique colored post-it-notes and labels them: Marketing, Sales, Network, Social Media, Admin, Book, etc. She then looks at her calendar to see if she has a speaking event that week. If she does, she puts a ‘Job’ Post-It Note on the day’s tile. Then she takes her other Post-It Notes of tasks she wants to accomplish that week and puts them in the ‘am’ or ‘pm’ spot on her tiles.

She can just glance at the tile to know what she needs to do. Genius!

So, of course, with her blessing, I did what she did! I used the cupboard theresa-computerabove my desk and there are 6 doors. Perfect. One for each day Monday through Saturday.

Now I know exactly what to do every day.

Theresa also has a very cool way to make sure she does what she says she’s going to do. She puts a bright-colored Post-It Note on her computer that says, “Back On Track”!

Do you need a new way to look at your week? If so, give the post-it-note thing a try!

Have you said these words lately?

On Sunday my husband, Bruce, and daughter, Abigail, visited mom. She was having a day where she was feeling exhausted and wasn’t her usual bright shiny self. abby-mom-me

But, when she realized it we us, she said, “You are here again? I am so blessed. You always do extra.”

How often when someone sees you they see you, “I am so blessed.”?
How often when you see someone do you say, “I am so blessed.”?

What would happen in your life and work if you started using mom’s phrase?

I think amazing things would happen!

The picture on the left was taken right before we left and she would not let go of my hands. I didn’t want to let go, either. Can you see how peaceful she is?

That’s how we feel when we are around people who bless us.

Is it time to choose to be with people who bless you and you bless them?

My challenge: Tell two people today that you are so blessed when you are with them.

I’d like to bless you! If you are not a member of my Clear the Desk Movement, let’s get you signed up. Every day we have great posts and encouragement to help you not only clear the desk, but your fears, your mind, your clutter – whatever is holding you back.  You can join here.  •  605-310-5764  •

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