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Organization Tip of the Day

If you have tons of business tasks to do, most of them are probably floating around in your head causing you to feel dizzy!  Stop right now.

Start dumping your brain by writing out all of these tasks.  All of them. After you’ve written them out look at each one and ask “Will this task put me closer to the money?” If it does put a check mark by it.

Now pick 3 of those that you’ve checked and do them.  It is best if you do them first thing in the morning.

Trust me on this – write them down and pick 3. Just 3. You may think like I did for years that I’ll remember them because they are so important and I don’t need to write them down.  That is so false!  Especially as you age.

I hear from solo entrepreneurs all the time how busy they are AND how unhappy they are with how their business is doing. It’s because they are busy doing nothing. 3 a day!

Organization Tip of the Day

Having a system for anything you do takes the guess work away which save time, stress, energy, money, you name it!

Take the time to figure out what you don’t have systems for and put them in place.  Yes, it takes time but will save you so much time in the long run. You will feel so much better about yourself and your work when you are more productive.

Organization Tip of the Day

One of my favorite tools to stay focused is a timer. A simple kitchen timer will do. When you start a project, set the timer for thirty minutes, then work on this one thing until the timer goes off. I bet you’ll be done.  It’s amazing how much you can get done when you focus on and do one thing!

Organization Tip of the Day

Our brain can only work on one thing at a time. If you’re working on 3-4 projects your brain has to start over every time you jump to another project.

I want you to try something different today. Pick one thing to work on, yes, one. Preferably the most important task of the day and if you have trouble picking ask yourself ‘what will put me closest to the money?’ That makes it really easy to pick the project.

Organization Tip of the Day

Open any drawer, cupboard, or closet.  Ask yourself “What am I hanging on to and really have no good reason to keep?”  Start throwing, recycling, or giving away!  Do this until you’ve gotten rid of 20 items.

Organization Tip of the Day

When cleaning out your closet, ask yourself the following questions:
·  When did I wear this last?
·  Does it still fit?
·  Is it still in style?
·  Does it need to be repaired or altered?
·  Does this look good on me?
·  And most importantly – Do I love how I feel when I wear this?
Based on the above answers you will either put the garment in the keep pile, throw away bag, repair bag, or garage sale/donate bag. We only wear 20% of what’s in our closet. Feel good about getting rid of the 80%!

Take the hassle out of labeling!

Smead has done it again!  Check out the new FasTab Hanging Folder. These folders have a built-in heavy-duty reinforced tabs permanently attached to the folder. You don’t have to do any assembly!  You can hand write on the tab or apply labels. Filing just got a lot easier!  •  605-310-5764  •

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