But then I looked in their faces


It has been years, and I mean years, since I’ve been on a bike. 2 weeks ago Chris and his family invited me to go on a bike ride. I first panicked a bit thinking of my bike-riding skills, or lack thereof, but it was too good an invitation to pass up.

When I got to their house Chris fixed up my bike tires, gears, etc. and then he calmly said “We’re going to go on the bike trails and ride to the Sioux Falls Falls and back!”

sioux-falls-falls with-kids-at-fallsWhat?????

Now, I love seeing our falls, but riding a bike there is a different ball game.

It’s about a 10-mile bike ride one way.

I’m sure my face showed some fear and panic but then I looked in the faces of Addi and Alex and decided spending time with them was much bigger than my fears.

I decided to break free of my comfort zone. Big time!

I am so glad I did!

The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a great time.

A week later I did it again but alone. This was huge for me since we’ve had some reports about incidents happening on the bike trail.

I did the trek on a Saturday morning when I knew there would be lots of people out running, rollerblading, and biking.

This was a 2-hour bike ride by myself. I never would have done this if I hadn’t had the push from Chris and did it first with my family.

Comfort zones. What are they really? My business coach, Mark LeBlanc, calls them discomfort zones. Because, if they really were all that comfy, we wouldn’t feel the pull to get out of the zone.

I was able to leave my zone by first doing the uncomfortable thing with someone else and then I was so much more ready to do it by myself.

What comfort zone are you stuck in? If you can’t get out of that zone that’s really where you are – stuck.

You don’t want to be stuck. There is way too much life and business outside the comfort zone.

Who can you ask to be with you as you take that first BIG step out? Then the rest is history!

talk-to-elizabethIt is time for you to find out what your life can be like free of the restrictions of your discomfort zone?

Would you like me to help you take that first step? In just one laser-focused coaching session we can get you on your way.

E-mail me at Elizabeth@ElizabethHagen.com  and say ‘I’m ready’ and we’ll do this together. You are not alone anymore.

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