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» This is a grab your pen + notebook and get stuff done kinda conference «


I get by with a little bit of help from my friends

I get by with a little bit of help from my friends

I ran (ok, to be truthful, it was more of a jog/walk) my 1st 5K of 2017 on Saturday.

I had not run one block this year to prepare. I was hoping my working out at the gym each day would enough. It helped but it would have been a good idea to have had a few runs in first!

irishmen-5kThrough my Kosama gym I have met so many wonderful people. Much younger; but wonderful!

I started the race and while I was still running to the half-way point I saw them already on their way back!

But, guess what they did? They waited for me for a group photo.

I told you they were wonderful.

One of my steps in my keynote presentation “Now is Your Time: The Steps to be Fearless and Extraordinary” is to Surround Yourself with Awesomeness. Life gets pretty amazing when you make a point of doing that every day.

You don’t have to hang around with the negative Nellies. I am giving you permission to fire them from your life. You don’t need to tell them they are fired; you just make different choices of who to hang out with during the day.

Who are your Awesome people? Have you seen them or been in touch with them lately?

Today is the day!

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This is a ‘grab your pen + notebook and get stuff done kinda conference’.

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2 doors

When I walk down the hallway to my mom’s cottage in her nursing home I have 2 choices.

I can go right to the Pheasant Run cottage and see my Aunt Joy.

Or, I can go left to the Grandview Cottage and see my mom.

Both are great choices. I love both women very much.moms-doorway

But, I always go left

You might think, “Well, of course you’d go left. It’s your mom.”

If you are my friend on Facebook then you know what my mom is like. She is a role model on how to grow old with grace and faith. She gives the most remarkable wisdom which I share so others can be blessed, too. She is a very loving person to visit.

That’s not the only reason I go left. My mom is my priority. I see so many residents who are not their family’s priority and it is heartbreaking.

Every day we have choices. Usually, far more than 2 doors.

Do you know your priority?  Did you notice I didn’t say priorities?

In Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism, he shares that the word priority came into the English language in the 1400s. It meant the very first or prior thing. It was singular. It stayed singular for the next 500 yearsOnly in the 1900s did we pluralize the term and start talking about priorities. Illogically, we reasoned that by changing the word we could bend reality. Somehow, we would now be able to have multiple ‘first’ things. (Italics are quotes from his book on page 16.)

I found this to be fascinating.

Do you ever think about what your priority is? Having a priority doesn’t mean we don’t care about a lot of people and things we need to do. When we choose our priority, we live true to who we are. We aren’t allowing others to make the choice for us.

Can you choose one door?


If it weren’t for excuses

I don’t know who updates the blackboard at my Kosama gym each week but I love her!

kosama-excusesThey always make me think.

I started thinking about excuses and how they can trap us into staying right where we are.

Have you given into any excuses lately?

  • Not enough time
  • Someone else does it much better than me
  • What will people think?
  • I don’t know how
  • It will take too long
  • I need a nap
  • I’m not a morning person
  • She might say no

How do I know these? Because I’ve uses all of these before and then I went nowhere.

Same with you?

How about making the rest of March the No Excuse Month? Seriously. When the thought creeps into your head, and excuses are very sneaky, say ‘Stop’. Then think of a way you can do it.  There is always a way.

If you don’t know, ask someone.

One of the reasons I’ve done so many things in my business is because I did them before I fully knew how. Like: Speaking, giving teleclasses, designing handouts in Microsoft Publisher, writing a newsletter and blog, etc.

Did they all succeed at first? Absolutely not! Did they eventually succeed? Yes. But, they would not have if I had let my excuses win and never started.

What excuse will you kick to the curb today?!


That little voice

Is there anything that you can think of that you wish you had gotten done already?  Is it bugging you?  I’m assuming the answer is ‘yes’!

addi-alex-slideYou may think when you leave your office you leave the unfinished tasks in the office but you are wrong.  Everything that is uncompleted comes home with you in your mind and can weigh heavy on your shoulders.  As you’re playing catch with your daughter that ‘little’ voice in your head is saying “You shouldn’t be out here. You should be back at work finishing _____.”  When you are at the park with your grandchildren and you are thinking about the half-finished craft project at home. When you’re out on your date night with your spouse you may be thinking about the report sitting on your desk and not fully ‘be’ on your date.  This does not feel good and can cause real problems.

What’s happening is procrastination and it is very common – you are not alone.

Procrastination is living life with the brakes on as you tell yourself “I don’t have time for this,” or “I don’t know how to do this so I’ll put it here for now.”  You constantly stop yourself.  But whenever you put ‘something here for now’ you are simply postponing and when you do that your ‘little’ voice will go into overtime reminding you of what you haven’t gotten done.  It’s interesting that it rarely reminds you of all the great things you’ve done!

There are a lot of great books about procrastination but I’ve discovered as a ‘recovering procrastinator’ a simple cure if you do it!

The next time you pick up a piece of paper that is a reminder of an action you need to do and you are SO tempted to put it back on your desk for later – STOP – put it back up to your face where you can see it and ask yourself “What is the next one thing I can do?”  Just one thing.  Figure that out and do it.  Yes, right away! When that is done ask yourself “What is the next one thing I can do?”  Do that and keep going.  Sound simple?  Yes, but it works. You will be amazed at how quickly the task gets done (much faster than you think) and how wonderful you will feel about yourself.  No more little voice!

Another tip that helps me is to set a timer for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break.  pinktimerYou can do anything for 25 minutes! If you focus on just one task, there’s a great chance that when the timer goes off the task is done or very close to being done.

Pick one thing right now that you’ve been putting off. Figure out what is one thing that you can do toward this task and do it.  Then keep going by doing the next and then the next.  Let me know how great you feel!



My 1st Facebook Live!


I love seeing entrepreneurs succeed.

Which is why I’m doing a Facebook Live » today at 12pm//cst to teach you about looking at life through eyes of a speaker. Click on ‘going’ on that page to be notified of the live events today.

It gets better than that though. Not only will you get to hear from me, you’ll also get to hear from 9 other entrepreneurs who have found success in their biz.

We’re sharing our secrets to success and I want you to be there!

Shine bright,


How do you know for sure?

Have you ever seen someone do something and think, “I could never do that!”

I know I have. Well, how do you know for sure if you don’t even try?

If your mind says ‘I can’t do it’; you can’t.
If your mind says ‘let’s try’; you will give it a shot. But, if you try it once and can’t do it; you may never try it again.

I’ve tried to do pull ups before. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

The other day at my gym’s circuit class one of the stations was pullups. I took one look and told myself “I’ll just do pushups on the ground instead when I get to that station.” I wasn’t even going to try.

As I went through the circuit class it came time for the pull-up station. I looked at the pull-up bar, I looked at the tire and elastic band which were there to help us, and I decided to give it a try.

I got up on the tire and tried to get my foot in the elastic band. Major fail! I tried again and couldn’t do it. My workout- partner say what I was trying and came over and put my foot in the elastic band. And, up I went! I did the 5 pullups the station required and I did it over and over again.
Let’s just say I was quite proud of myself!

The only reason I could achieve it was because of the help of my work-out partner and the aids that were made available so I could achieve the goal.

Have you set some goals for 2017 and are having 2nd thoughts? Maybe you’ve tried to achieve them in the past and (in your mind) failed?

I want you to think of a car’s front window and compare it to the rear-view mirror. Which is larger?

The window looking forward. The rear-view mirror is the past. Let it go.

The goals you set may be perfect goals for you but without someone to help you (the tire and elastic band!) they can seem impossible.

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