Just 3 things

If you read my last week’s blog post then you know about my precious mom’s fall.

Sign at my gym

Sign at my gym

Between seeing her and visits with medical staff, things with my family, and getting ready for a speaking trip I keep saying “Sweat, smile, and repeat.”

Just 3 things.

Sometimes in life that’s all one can do.

Sweat: Embracing the physical work and emotional stress while being present for each person and moment

Smile: Knowing God is in charge

Repeat: Doing this over and over many times a day

Perhaps these 3 things are what you need today!

DIdn’t expect this

I didn’t expect to be writing this article today.

In the middle of the night my precious 92-year-old mom fell in the nursing home. She is now in the hospital and will get therapy and we will see what happens.

mom-outsideShe is so amazing. Her spirit is still one of joy and peace. Oh, to be like her.

There are a multitude of reasons to live an organized life but here is one of the big ones. When things like this happen I can be out of the house in minutes knowing things are under control back home. There are no loose ends. Well, at least not many!

I can now be there for mom which is the most important thing in my life right now.

I am taking care of myself by taking care of mom.  There is such beauty in that.

While other family members sit with her I will take a break to give my teleclass “How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First” tonight at 6 PM ET.  There is still time to register!

If you feel guilt when you think of taking care of yourself let’s stop this right now! Join me for my next teleclass “How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First”.

What gives you confidence?

As of today it had been 27 days since I had been to my Kosama gym. I am used to going every day! All of September I fought a really nasty cough and had little to no energy.

Everyone told me to stay away from working out as it would just prolong my illness.

Total bummer.

kosama-toolsI was thinking about how I have not felt like myself and my confidence was suffering.

Then I remembered a conversation I had a few years ago with another Kosama member.

We both work out every day in the 6:10 am class and we were saying how nice it is to get the workout done in the morning instead of having the guilt all day of “I should have exercised”. I then asked her if she felt better about herself after working out. Her answer was an emphatic “Yes”.

I feel the same way. I like myself better when I do what I say I’m going to do. I feel confident as I start my work day. I feel stronger when I coach my clients. My brain is more creative as I prepare for a presentation.

I plan on starting back at Kosama tomorrow. Will it be pretty? No! I will struggle but I know I’ll gain back my strength again. It will just take time.

There are many tools that go into confidence building. They may be physical tools like I use at Kosama to take care of myself. You may have other ways you create movement in your life.

There are internal tools like being grateful every day, continual learning, doing your best, etc.

What gives you confidence? One of the big ways to build confidence is by taking care of yourself.

Did that statement cause you to stop for a minute? Are you thinking “I have no time for myself?” If so, I want to give you a big hug first, but then look you straight in the eye and tell you that you must take time for yourself so you can do everything else – and in a much better frame of mind!

If you feel guilt when you think of taking care of yourself let’s stop this right now! Join me for my next teleclass “How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First.

Any guilt you feel about taking time for yourself is silly!

 So many people depend on us and if we are not at our best we can’t be the best for others.  2-pink-phone(2)

Join me on Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM EDT for the “How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First27-minute teleclass. Yes, 27 minutes!

You can give yourself 27 minutes to start feeling fantastic and say good bye to guilt.

As with all of my teleclasses if you cannot make it live – no worries. Everyone who registers receives a downloadable recording.

Are you ready to do something? Find out more and let’s get rid of the guilt! 


Sometimes it’s the little bit extra

Last Sunday I was registered to run the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer 5K.

I was so excited. I ran this last year and the whole event is so awesome.

I’ve been fighting a really bad cough and all the side effects that go along with it and wasn’t sure I could run but I was NOT going to miss the packet pick up. I want my t-shirt!

avera-packet-pickupThe day before the race I went downtown to get my packet. I parked in the back and I was surprised to see how they decorated the area leading up to the store. They really did the little bit extra. Actually, a lot extra. And, this was in the back! Imagine what they did to the front?

The extra effort they did made me want to run the race even more!
Unfortunately, I wasn’t well enough to run and I was so disappointed. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about the extra effort they did even for the packet pick-up experience.

They made what could have been a just a normal packet pick-up time – fun!

Have you ever been the recipient of someone or a company doing that little bit extra? How did it make you feel?

Have you done the little bit extra lately?

The good news is that it doesn’t take much these days to make someone feel special. With e-mail, texts, social media, etc. we are losing the personal touch so when it does happen – wow!

Let’s make a pact right now that in the next 3 days we are going to wow someone.

I’m going to send someone on my newsletter list a copy of my book Confidence: Now is Your Time – 31 Days to a More Extraordinary You!

Who will it be for you and what will you do?

I mentioned in my last Wednesday Wisdom I’m going to offer teleclasses on different topics that will help you think differently and have the courage to take a next step.

The first teleclass I offered was all about your paper. Yes, your paper piles! If you missed it you can still purchase the recording.

My next teleclass will be about wasted guilt! The teleclass is How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First. You will want to put Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM EDT in your calendar. Details coming soon!

Take the next step

bike-path-treesAs I was riding my bike recently on the bike trail in town I started thinking about all the different kinds of people who enjoy the trail.

• Serious bicyclists going extremely fast
• Regular bicyclists – like me!
• Joggers
• Runners – there is a difference between those who jog and those who really run
• Parents with children in the carrier behind their bikes
• Children on small bike pedaling furiously to keep up with their parents!
• Older couples taking a leisurely walk
• People who hop on it for a shortcut to work
• Photographers shooting senior pictures
• And so many more~~
One thing they all have in common is their desire for movement and to enjoy the outdoors.

Which got me thinking about my subscribers to my Wednesday Wisdom. My list includes people in different stages of life and work. This is one of the reasons I enjoy writing my weekly posts – the variety of the readers. But, one thing you all have in common is the openness to think differently and the desire to take the next step.

In what area of your life do you have a next step you are waiting to take? Almost everything gets easier once that first step is taken!

Getting back to my weekly posts – a newsletter article can only go so far. I decided to start offering teleclasses on different topics to help you take that next step in a deeper way.

The first teleclass I’m offering is all about your paper. Yes, your paper piles!

heels-going-up-ladderTake the next step to get rid of your paper piles…once and for all

Clutter is a major factor in holding people back. Why? Because it represents the past of undone stuff. Particularly in paper piles. No one likes that feeling but few have the courage to do something about it!

Let’s take care of this and here is how you can take the next step…now.

Join me on Thursday, September 22 at 1 PM EDT, for the Get Rid of Your Paper Piles…Once and for All teleclass. Join us live or if you can’t make it there are no worries. If you are registered you will get the recording.

Imagine, your desk top clear of the piles and you can find what you need easily. It is possible! Find out more and let’s get you registered.


mentalFinally, it’s getting through to me.

Everything is 100% mental.

Working out starts in your mind.

Growing your business starts in your mind.

Building relationships starts in your mind.

How you spend your time starts in your mind.

Getting organized starts in your mind.

It is so true. When you think you can do something you can. When you think you can’t do something; you can’t.

Your body follows what your mind tells you.

Instead of writing a to-do list item like ‘talk to a prospect’ write it instead like this ‘I will talk to _____________ today’. Just this wording changes everything.

Instead of writing ‘take a walk today’ write ‘I will take a walk at 5 pm today’.

Instead of writing ‘organize desk drawer’ write ‘I will organize my desk drawer so I can find anything in it instantly’.

Get the idea?!

How can you think differently this week?

Bubble fail

Chris and Ashley took Addi on a fun weekend trip to Seattle so I got Alex for 3 whole days!

Oh, we had such fun.

alex-bubblesOne day we were blowing bubbles outside and, of course, he wanted to do it himself.

He set everything up for success but then he tried too hard and then he didn’t try hard enough.

We had a bubble fail. Click on the play button in the picture to watch Alex’s effort. The sound effects get me every time!

The best part is he kept trying until it worked.

Have you ever tried too hard at something and it didn’t work? Have you ever given minimal effort and gotten the same result?

We can everything set up just right but due to our efforts it may not work.

There is always just a right amount of effort where things work so smoothly. What’s interesting is that we often need to re-learn this lesson every day.
I’ve found when things just aren’t going the way I want I know it’s time to take a step back. Re-think my approach. Re-think my why. Re-think my strategy. Once that is done it’s usually a piece of cake!

Is there anything you are trying, it’s not working, and it may be time to take a step back?

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