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But then I looked in their faces


It has been years, and I mean years, since I’ve been on a bike. 2 weeks ago Chris and his family invited me to go on a bike ride. I first panicked a bit thinking of my bike-riding skills, or lack thereof, but it was too good an invitation to pass up.

When I got to their house Chris fixed up my bike tires, gears, etc. and then he calmly said “We’re going to go on the bike trails and ride to the Sioux Falls Falls and back!”

sioux-falls-falls with-kids-at-fallsWhat?????

Now, I love seeing our falls, but riding a bike there is a different ball game.

It’s about a 10-mile bike ride one way.

I’m sure my face showed some fear and panic but then I looked in the faces of Addi and Alex and decided spending time with them was much bigger than my fears.

I decided to break free of my comfort zone. Big time!

I am so glad I did!

The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a great time.

A week later I did it again but alone. This was huge for me since we’ve had some reports about incidents happening on the bike trail.

I did the trek on a Saturday morning when I knew there would be lots of people out running, rollerblading, and biking.

This was a 2-hour bike ride by myself. I never would have done this if I hadn’t had the push from Chris and did it first with my family.

Comfort zones. What are they really? My business coach, Mark LeBlanc, calls them discomfort zones. Because, if they really were all that comfy, we wouldn’t feel the pull to get out of the zone.

I was able to leave my zone by first doing the uncomfortable thing with someone else and then I was so much more ready to do it by myself.

What comfort zone are you stuck in? If you can’t get out of that zone that’s really where you are – stuck.

You don’t want to be stuck. There is way too much life and business outside the comfort zone.

Who can you ask to be with you as you take that first BIG step out? Then the rest is history!

talk-to-elizabethIt is time for you to find out what your life can be like free of the restrictions of your discomfort zone?

Would you like me to help you take that first step? In just one laser-focused coaching session we can get you on your way.

E-mail me at Elizabeth@ElizabethHagen.com  and say ‘I’m ready’ and we’ll do this together. You are not alone anymore.

We couldn’t have done it without Micah

addi-micahWhen Emily and Abigail were little we got them an amazing Playmobil home (more like a mansion!) with all the furnishings, people, car, etc. They had so much fun playing with it through the years.

Now it’s Addi’s turn but all the pieces were in a big bin.

What to do?

Call Micah, of course. He can fix anything. Micah, Korra, and Addi spent time together making the old new again and had a blast.

We couldn’t have done it without Micah.

Recently at my Kosama gym the trainer was telling us to drink water during the short breaks. She saw that many did not and she said “Drinking water is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of intelligence!”

I think seeking guidance is a sign of intelligence.

We wouldn’t have been able to raise our 5 children without guidance.

I wouldn’t have been able to start and maintain a business for 16 years without guidance.

Bruce and I wouldn’t have been able to stay married for over 37 years without guidance.

I wouldn’t have been able to grow in my faith without guidance.

What about you. Where have you sought guidance in your life and where and when should you have sought guidance?!

Is it time to ask for help?

X marks the spot

Have you asked yourself this question lately – What do you really, I mean really want? Whether it is for your life or your business?

The answer can change with time. What you wanted 2 years ago may not be at all what you want now. But, you are still working toward that goal and you wonder why you don’t have the passion you used to?

x-marks-the-spotMaybe it’s time to ask this question again and answer it with honesty.

What do you want? That is your X.

The narrower the focus the better.

Imagine having one amazing X and working toward that.

Then the sun will really shine on you!

I took this picture on my way to visit my mom recently. Wow! Seeing this was a sign from God to claim my X and He will shine on me and my work. Just like He will for you.

What do you really want? It’s time to claim it.

A leader? Really?

Recently I was approached by a group who wanted me to speak on leadership for caregivers. I love to speak to caregivers; but on leadership?

What did I know about being a leader?

I always thought to be a leader meant you were a CEO of a big company, or president of a nonprofit, etc. I thought you had to be in corporate American to be called a leader.

I then talked to a very wise speaking colleague who set me straight. You don’t have to be a CEO or a president to be a leader. But, I didn’t just take her word for it.

According to Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges, authors of The Servant Leader, they define leadership as anytime you are trying to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of another in their personal or professional life.


I am a leader and so are you. This is a huge mindset shift to act and think like a leader and call yourself a leader.

mom-addi-leaderWho else is a leader in your life?

I now realize my mom is an amazing leader. She would never agree to be called a leader but she is.

Every time she gives our granddaughter, Addi, a hug – she is leading.

Every time she gives me a blessing before I leave – she is leading.

Every time she prays on our behalf – she is leading.

Every time she gives a caregiver a big smile and a thank you – she is leading.

In The Servant Leader the authors say that leadership is a matter of the heart and anytime we have the opportunity or responsibility to lead the first choice we are called to make is whether to see the moment through eyes of self-interest or for the benefit of those we are leading.

It is so easy to go ‘self-serving’. I choose to see moments through the eyes of benefiting those around me. But, it needs to be a conscious choice.

What about you? How are you leading?

This is not just for business. How are you leading in your personal life?

The body will follow

During one of my Kosama classes recently the amazing trainer, Bev, said “When you tell your mind what to do your body will follow”. (Bev is the gal in the green tank and green tutu. You can tell a lot about her personality from her outfit!)

I literally had to stop my workout and think about this.

How true is this?

If I lift up a kettlebell and tell myself it’s too heavy my body drops it. When I lift it up and tell myself I can do this – I do it!

After the workout I ran 3 miles and usually as I face a hill I tell myself it’s too much and I walk up at least half the hill. That day as I faced a hill I told myself I could run it much farther than before and my body followed what I told my mind.

I shaved a minute off my mile pace during that run. I couldn’t believe it!

What do you tell your mind? Whatever you tell it is extremely powerful. My run was living proof of this fact.

Let’s start telling it more of what we want than what we don’t want, ok?!

flag-half-mastDuring my run I ran by a fire station which had their flag at half-mast for the Orlando victims. I stopped and said a prayer for each family. There are so many horrific things going on in the world and it can be easy to let our mind go and stay dark. This is not what we are called to do. We are called to be a light in this world and it starts in our mind. THen our body will follow with ways to help those in need.

What are you going to tell your mind today?

If it doesn’t work…

I can’t begin to tell you how many different project management systems I have tried – offline and online.

Like you, I’m sure, I’m always coming up with lots of ideas for my business and in the past they have accumulated on my desk with my other regular work.

No more!

planner-deskI decided to keep my ideas and planning calendar in a separate space from my desk. I have a gorgeous desk I got from my daughter, Abby, and an antique chair from my parents. On the desk I got a great organizer from TJ Maxx, my Angel of Courage (take a lot of courage to run a business!) and a sign that says “Let it go and be gentle on yourself (permission granted)”.

What a difference this has made. First of all, my regular desk stays clutter free and when I get an idea I go to my planning desk. There is no room for clutter on this small desk which is perfect.

With being physically separate from my normal work and having a smaller space I am finding it much easier to let go of ideas and projects that no longer serve me or my business.

I use a Planner Pad to keep track of my ideas and projects and then my action steps go into my Outlook calendar.

Working great so far!

Do you need to give yourself permission to try a new system for your projects and great let-it-go-1ideas?

Do you need to give yourself permission to let go of some ideas that just aren’t working no matter how great you think the idea is?

Do you need to let go of any ideas that work great for someone else but aren’t congruent with you?

Do you simply need to let go and be you?

It takes a village

sparkleshinerun5Last Saturday I ran in the Sparkle and Shine 5K. It was an overcast and windy day but you can’t tell this by the smiles on these faces!

Isn’t amazing what you can do when surrounded by your ‘village’?

I hope you meet regularly with other people who have some of the same interests and goals you have.

If you don’t – start a group. And, since we are heading into summer why don’t you meet and go on a walk at the same time? It’s the old ‘two birds with one stone’ philosophy.
The first half of this run was with the wind and small up hills and long down hills. Then I turned around at the half and it was now running against the wind and lots of large uphills with few downhills.

sparkleshinerun6-aNot fun! But, i finished strong as I had my ‘village’ ahead of me and behind me. I was surrounded with support.

Who can you reach out to today and share successes as well as challenges?

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