How do you know for sure?

Have you ever seen someone do something and think, “I could never do that!”

I know I have. Well, how do you know for sure if you don’t even try?

If your mind says ‘I can’t do it’; you can’t.
If your mind says ‘let’s try’; you will give it a shot. But, if you try it once and can’t do it; you may never try it again.

I’ve tried to do pull ups before. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

The other day at my gym’s circuit class one of the stations was pullups. I took one look and told myself “I’ll just do pushups on the ground instead when I get to that station.” I wasn’t even going to try.

As I went through the circuit class it came time for the pull-up station. I looked at the pull-up bar, I looked at the tire and elastic band which were there to help us, and I decided to give it a try.

I got up on the tire and tried to get my foot in the elastic band. Major fail! I tried again and couldn’t do it. My workout- partner say what I was trying and came over and put my foot in the elastic band. And, up I went! I did the 5 pullups the station required and I did it over and over again.
Let’s just say I was quite proud of myself!

The only reason I could achieve it was because of the help of my work-out partner and the aids that were made available so I could achieve the goal.

Have you set some goals for 2017 and are having 2nd thoughts? Maybe you’ve tried to achieve them in the past and (in your mind) failed?

I want you to think of a car’s front window and compare it to the rear-view mirror. Which is larger?

The window looking forward. The rear-view mirror is the past. Let it go.

The goals you set may be perfect goals for you but without someone to help you (the tire and elastic band!) they can seem impossible.

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It’s on you

The chalkboard in the entry way at my Kosama gym has a new message every week. I love seeing what it will be.

summer-bodiesThis one made me laugh! But, it is so true. It’s really all about planning ahead.

We plan ahead for lots of things:

  • Vacations
  • Family reunions
  • Holidays
  • Work events

It’s easy to justify the time it takes to plan larger items. But, what about planning things for yourself? For just you?

Is the time it takes to plan and then actually do a little bit harder to justify?

Well, enough of that, I say!

When I talk about self-care sanity in my presentations. I ask the audience to write down one thing they will do for themselves in the next 3 days. Most of the audience looks at me with the ‘deer in headlight’ type of stare. Only a few in each audience write something down with ease. It is a foreign concept to so many to plan something for themselves. If this is you, let’s change it, shall we?self-care-calendar

Because of the types of stares I would get so often during a talk I put together
Self-Care Sanity eBook. In the eBook I give 31 ideas of things you can do just for you. On the last page they are all listed in a calendar format. Easy peasy.

Summer bodies are made in the winter. Self-care is made by acting on your own. Not waiting for someone else to suggest something. Your self-care is on you.

self-care-coverWould you like the Self-Care Sanity eBook?
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The two bears

We had Alexander and Addilynn over night last weekend. Alex has outgrown the playpen he has been sleeping in at our home so I thought I’d try a ‘big bed’ for him.

When I put him to bed I could tell how proud he was as he crawled into the ‘big bed’ and under the covers. His eyes were just sparkling.alex-big-bed

He wrapped his arms around his two bears and laid there quietly while I sang to him. I really expected him to pop out of the bed a few times but he stayed perfectly still. It was like he knew this was a big step for him and he was going to enjoy it! Plus, he was safe since he was with his buddies.

He slept all night and when I checked on him in the morning his arms were still wrapped around his bears. I think he did so well because of his two ‘comfort’ bears.

I started thinking about times I’ve tried something new. What a difference it makes when I had a buddy to experience the new adventure with as opposed to being alone.

Sometimes the buddy was not a person. The buddy may have been my journal, or my cross necklace, or a huge hug from my husband as I left on my trip. I’m so thankful, though, that I’m never really alone! Be strong and of good courage…for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

Everyone needs a buddy – whatever ‘buddy’ means for you. What makes you feel comfortable in a new or scary situation? It’s important to identify it and keep it close as we travel our life journeys.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a bear or two!!

Could it be that simple?

I was in a Target in Houston, TX and was surprised to see this arrow on the floor as I walked target-happyin.

Could it be that simple? If I follow this arrow will I find happiness?

Now, I love Target, but I really don’t think that is where I’ll find my happiness. Lots of short-term happiness, perhaps, but, not long-term happiness.

Where do you look for happiness? Or, do you look for it at all?

I know sometimes it just happens. You hear a child laugh and you feel happy. You see a beautiful snow fall and since you aren’t traveling anywhere that day you’re happy. You think snowyour computer has bit the dust, but you turn it off and then turn it on, and magically everything is fixed. Lots of happiness!

There are also days where happiness may be hard to find. I’ve had days like that. Those are tough days. What makes them tougher is that I didn’t even think to look for happiness. It was all around me – I just didn’t look. Does this ever happen to you?

What if we insert an arrow somewhere in our life and every day we would look for joy, happiness, and peace.  You know what? I know we’d find it. Even on the darkest days. It really could be that simple.

My biggest arrow is my Bible. I know I’m following the right arrow to happiness when I study His word.

Another important arrow is my vision board. This board represents what I know God desiresmy-vb-from-first-workshop for my life and everything on it represents happiness. What is really cool is that yesterday a big piece of what I envisioned for this year came true. And it was only the 1st month of the year. It can be that simple!

Do you have your vision board in front of you every day? It’s a great happiness-seeking arrow!

Don’t have a vision board? Oh, dear! Please read below!

It’s time to create your vision board from the comfort of your own home or office

Are you considering making some great commitments for 2017?
What will you do to make sure you accomplish them?

My commitments for 2017 are ready and I have the visual representation of them in my office to remind me every day.

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The picture above shows a recent virtual retreat and you can see that the attendees can all see each other and interact. I’m also showing 2 of the boards created that day.

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If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed. 

Proverbs 29:18 The Message Bible

What do other Vision Board Retreat attendees say?

  • I realized about a week ago that January was almost finished, and I was still floundering. Slogging through my days with no real goal in sight. At just the right time, an email from my friend, speaker and coach Elizabeth Hagen, came into my inbox. I signed up right away. By the end of the virtual day, I was revitalized and ready to go again. While creating the vision board was the end result, what happened during the largest part of the day were exercises designed to help us figure out and clarify our goals for the year. No namby-pamby, wimpy, vague statements allowed. Only intentional actions, with definable results permitted. Both big dreams and small were presented, but all with a specific plan of action.
  • Thanks for the wonderful class.  This is the first time I have actually completed any project in ages.  I usually start them and never finish.  I am glad you insisted we finish.
  • I had a wonderful day yesterday with you and the other ladies.  Thank you very much for your time and guidance in helping us all move toward our dreams.  Thank you!


Oh, the wonder

This past week our grandson, Alexander, had his first airplane ride.alex-plane

I would love to know what he is thinking as looks out the window and sees the ground WAY below him.

I’m sure whatever he was thinking it was with a sense of wonder.

I love seeing the world through a child’s eye. Everything is an adventure.

When did we lose that sense of wonder? What if we took it back?

How would you look at your job or business, your home, the moon, your loved ones, all that you can do on your computer and smart phone, if you did it with a sense of wonder?

I think it would change everything. More gratitude; less complaining. More patience; less stress. More time; less hurry and distractedness. More love; less fear.

I can’t wait to try it!

Want to join me in a virtual vision board retreat on Monday, January 23?

Are you considering making some great commitments for 2017?

What will you do to make sure you accomplish them?

my-vb-from-first-workshopMy commitments for 2017 are ready and I have the visual representation of them in my office to remind me every day.

Together we can do this for you, too. Let’s design a Create Your Life the Way God Intended Vision Board virtually together and you can be from anywhere in the world.

The virtual Create Your Life the Way God Intended Vision Board Retreat  is Monday, January 23 from 10 am to 4 pm Central.

Interested? Click here for more information and if it’s right for you – register today!

If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.

Proverbs 29:18 The Message Bible


New = Fun!

Last Sunday night I was so nervous. On Monday I was going to give my 1st virtual Create Your Life the Way God Intended Vision Board Retreat to 8 amazing women.

I had never given this retreat virtually; only in person.

I was the new-to-me Zoom online platform to give the retreat. All weekend I practiced on the platform and found it very easy to use, but still, the nervousness increased.

Monday morning at 10 AM I started the virtual retreat and it was a blast! What was I so nervous for?

We spent 6 hours together exploring God’s vision for them in 2017. What a fantastic way to spend a day.

virtual-vision-board-retreatAnd, the Zoom platform worked like a charm. Using video, we could see each other as we shared and they created their board.

What if I had been too afraid to try something new? What if I had caved to my fear and never attempted this or cancelled it?

Then I would not have spent the day with gals from California all the way to Rhode Island.

Then I would have missed the chance to share what God tells us about dreaming big and asking big prayers.
Then these women would not have their vision smack dab in front of them to remind them what they are called to do and to take action to achieve their goals.

Caving to the fear would have been a very sad thing to do. I’m so glad I did what I set out to do.

Is something new calling you? How are you answering? Now is your time to say yes!  •  605-310-5764  •

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