This really happened

On July 11 I decided to write a thank you note every day for 365 days. I am so excited about this and I love doing it.

Part of why I love doing it is using the incredible cards I find at TJ Maxx. Yes, TJ Maxx. Check it out!

mom-cardOf course, I wrote a card to my mom.

As I was visiting her I asked if she had gotten my card.

Her eyes lit up and she said that she had and she loved it. In fact, she wanted to tape it to the window.

We started to look for it and it was nowhere to be found. There aren’t that many places to look in a nursing home room!

I could see she was getting upset so I told her I would just send her another one.

She wasn’t having that.

She looked up to the sky and told God that we needed help to find this very special card. When she said her ‘Amen’ my head turned toward her walker with the attached bag and I knew it was there.

I can’t explain this except for the fact that God answered her prayer immediately. I mean ‘at that moment’.

Wow! Mom just smiled.

I wonder what would happen in my life and business if I would go to God much sooner than I normally do. Do you ever wonder that?

A card may not seem like a big deal to many but for my mom, whose life has shrunk to the size of her room, it was a huge deal. God understood this.

Is it time to look up first?

There are lessons everywhere

I’m studying a book by Judy Carter called The Message. It’s about turning your life story into a money-making speaking career.

Sounds good to me!
One of the first exercises is called Bad Day, Good Day, Same Day.

kosama-alarmJudy asks her readers to write about a day that started off bad but ended up good. The assignment was to set an alarm for 15 minutes and write about the first 10 minutes of that day. Once we are done writing we go back to the story and pull out some life lessons.

I decided to write about the very day I was reading her book. My alarm went off at 5:45 am so I could get up in time and make it to my Kosama gym for the 6:10 am class. I had a really bad night’s sleep and I did not want to get out of bed. I lay in bed for 30 seconds debating and then swung my legs off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom.
I splashed cold water on my fast which felt fantastic and woke me up and then walked to the closet to put on my workout clothes. Funny how once I was up I didn’t feel tired anymore. I also felt very proud of myself for getting out of bed when all I wanted to do was crawl back under the covers.

I started to feel excited about doing what I had said I was going to do and not let excuses win. I got my water, phone, gym bag and off I went.

As I walked into the gym I greeted the 5 am trainer and went and claimed my spot. I have this perfect spot right under the fan which I really believe keeps me alive during the workouts!

kosama-bev-socksBev walked in with my favorite socks – Believe and Achieve. The day had turned from me being cranky and not wanting to get up to an awesome start.
When I got done writing the story and thinking about life lessons I couldn’t believe what I came up with from a very simple story. This Judy Carter is pretty smart!

Where did I start? Having every reason in the word to stay in bed but I didn’t. I got up, had a great workout, and was inspired by Bev’s socks.

What was the moment when everything changed? When my feet hit the floor.

What do I want in the story? To do what I say I’m going to do.

What obstacles got in the way of me getting what I want? I hadn’t slept well and did not want to get up.

What did I need to learn how to do? Take the 1st step and push past the excuses of why I wanted to stay in bed.

Life lessons from the story: No matter the obstacle if you take the 1st step the rest comes easier. Surprises (like Bev’s socks) are right around the corner!

What are 3 steps that we all can take to overcome obstacles?
Step #1. Make a commitment
Step #2. No matter how you feel take the 1st step.
Step #3. Do what you need to do to keep your commitment.

There are lessons everywhere. I didn’t believe the author when she said there could be life lessons from a very simple story.

What has your day been like? Take time to write it down in detail and ask yourself the questions Judy asks. You will be surprised what you learned today and now can share with your audiences!

I thought I was all set

I’ve gotten into biking. I mean – big time! A few weeks ago Chris and Ashley invited me on a bike ride on our bike trails to the Sioux Falls Falls and back. I thought they were crazy to go that far but it was so much fun.

I started biking every day and last Saturday I went on 3 bike rides!

I realized that I needed some of the right tools if I was going to get the most out of the rides.

bike-toolsMy bike had mountain riding tires so Chris said the 1st thing I should get are road tires.
I listened to Chris and got the road tires at a store that specializes in bikes.

Then I realized the palms of my hands hurt on long rides so I purchased biking gloves.

While I was at the bike store getting the gloves I saw this really cool phone bag which not only holds a phone but also other supplies. Perfect!

I thought I was all set.

A few days ago I set out for my morning bike ride and a neighbor stopped me and suggested I do the ENTIRE bike trail loop around Sioux Falls.

I told him I’m sure I would get lost! He told me there wasn’t any way that would happen as it is just a big circle. I told him that he didn’t know me very well!

But, off I went and I did it! 22 miles from my home and back around the entire city.

It was a really cool bike ride but during the ride there were long spots where I was the only one on the trail. I did not feel comfortable.

So yesterday I got my last tool I needed for great bike rides – a can of mace!

When I called a local sporting goods store to see if they had mace the guy said, “We have small cans, medium cans, and large cans. The large cans are for when you deal with bears!” Good grief. I got a small can.

Yesterday I went for a ride with all the tools in place. It was a glorious bike ride. Isn’t it interesting how things are easier in life and business with the right tools?

Cooking is easier.
Laundry is easier.
Cleaning is easier.
Improving relationships is easier.
Keeping track of your prospects and clients in your database is easier.
Finding files in your computer or file cabinet is easier.
Knowing what’s on your calendar is easier.
Staying on top of financers is easier.
Growing your business is easier.

I could go on and on!

Are there tools that you need in place for your life and business so you have less stress? If so, please go to an expert in that area to find out what you need. I’m glad I did!

Something had to change

I gave birth to our fourth child, Sean Christian, on August 13, 1985. Sean was a ten-pound, eight-ounce baby. Yes, you read that right!

When he was born he looked like a two-month old! The pictures below are my mom and dad holding him for the first time. Do you think they look a little bit happy?!


Having a baby that size caused some health complications for me, and I was in the hospital an extra day and should have stayed longer.

Even though I came home to a five-year-old, a three-year-old, and a two-year-old with a brand new baby I thought things had to be perfect.

I got home, got Sean settled, and went right into the kitchen and baked homemade bread (yes, with yeast and everything), a big meal, and cookies from scratch. I was back in the hospital very ill three days later.

Something had to change.

I decided to give up perfection and become a real person who didn’t have to have a perfect house, perfect kids, perfect marriage, and a perfect life.

I was free!

confidence-book-coverThe content above is taken from my book Confidence: Now is Your Time – 31 Days to A More Extraordinary You. (Click on the picture to receive the 1st chapter.)

As I read this over again I realized while I may have felt free that day from perfectionism, it certainly creeps back in very easily.

I think it can creep in so easily because it feels like perfectionism is going after the best, but this quote tells a different story.

Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves – the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough. Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way.

So true.

I remember being back in the hospital very ill but still having to take care of Sean in the hospital as I was nursing him. It’s one thing to be in the hospital yourself when you don’t feel well; it’s another thing to also care for a baby!

Perfectionism and being real don’t mix. As I found out, trying to be perfect can make you sick.

Please don’t make the mistake I made. Be real in your life, your family, your friends, and in your business.

And, forget homemade bread and it’s ok to buy cookies from the grocery store!

Make time for both

Last weekend I had the most amazing opportunity to attend the She Speaks Conference in Charlotte, NC.

shespeaks3Picture this – 700 Christian women speakers and authors in one place.

I will be an experience I will never forget and has shaped the way I will do my business going forward.

Lysa TerKeurst is the President of Proverbs 31 Ministries which put on the conference.

She has written many books and she had her latest book, Uninvited – Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely, available at the conference. Of course, I grabbed it!shespeaks1

She gave a number of keynotes and a workshop on “The Power of a Story”.

She is a heartfelt and mesmerizing speaker as she shared God’s word and how it applies to our life.

I was in complete learning mode those two days and was so blessed.

This past Tuesday I was in teaching mode as a spoke to the Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties in Minnesota.

100 people were packed in this room as I got to share principles, tool, systems, and techniques on how to be productive with confidence.

I loved every minute of my two hours with them!

shespeaks2Learning mode and teaching mode. Make time for both.

Just because you are an expert in your field does not mean you should stop learning. Never stop learning.
Because you are an expert in your field you should be teaching others how they can improve their life by applying your information.

Do you have both in your life? If not, it’s time!

But then I looked in their faces


It has been years, and I mean years, since I’ve been on a bike. 2 weeks ago Chris and his family invited me to go on a bike ride. I first panicked a bit thinking of my bike-riding skills, or lack thereof, but it was too good an invitation to pass up.

When I got to their house Chris fixed up my bike tires, gears, etc. and then he calmly said “We’re going to go on the bike trails and ride to the Sioux Falls Falls and back!”

sioux-falls-falls with-kids-at-fallsWhat?????

Now, I love seeing our falls, but riding a bike there is a different ball game.

It’s about a 10-mile bike ride one way.

I’m sure my face showed some fear and panic but then I looked in the faces of Addi and Alex and decided spending time with them was much bigger than my fears.

I decided to break free of my comfort zone. Big time!

I am so glad I did!

The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a great time.

A week later I did it again but alone. This was huge for me since we’ve had some reports about incidents happening on the bike trail.

I did the trek on a Saturday morning when I knew there would be lots of people out running, rollerblading, and biking.

This was a 2-hour bike ride by myself. I never would have done this if I hadn’t had the push from Chris and did it first with my family.

Comfort zones. What are they really? My business coach, Mark LeBlanc, calls them discomfort zones. Because, if they really were all that comfy, we wouldn’t feel the pull to get out of the zone.

I was able to leave my zone by first doing the uncomfortable thing with someone else and then I was so much more ready to do it by myself.

What comfort zone are you stuck in? If you can’t get out of that zone that’s really where you are – stuck.

You don’t want to be stuck. There is way too much life and business outside the comfort zone.

Who can you ask to be with you as you take that first BIG step out? Then the rest is history!

talk-to-elizabethIt is time for you to find out what your life can be like free of the restrictions of your discomfort zone?

Would you like me to help you take that first step? In just one laser-focused coaching session we can get you on your way.

E-mail me at  and say ‘I’m ready’ and we’ll do this together. You are not alone anymore.

We couldn’t have done it without Micah

addi-micahWhen Emily and Abigail were little we got them an amazing Playmobil home (more like a mansion!) with all the furnishings, people, car, etc. They had so much fun playing with it through the years.

Now it’s Addi’s turn but all the pieces were in a big bin.

What to do?

Call Micah, of course. He can fix anything. Micah, Korra, and Addi spent time together making the old new again and had a blast.

We couldn’t have done it without Micah.

Recently at my Kosama gym the trainer was telling us to drink water during the short breaks. She saw that many did not and she said “Drinking water is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of intelligence!”

I think seeking guidance is a sign of intelligence.

We wouldn’t have been able to raise our 5 children without guidance.

I wouldn’t have been able to start and maintain a business for 16 years without guidance.

Bruce and I wouldn’t have been able to stay married for over 37 years without guidance.

I wouldn’t have been able to grow in my faith without guidance.

What about you. Where have you sought guidance in your life and where and when should you have sought guidance?!

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