Are you sharing your story?

marion sign 2One of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life is to tell each of my children about an event that happened to me when I was 20 years old.

I told them for a number of reasons and one was I was thinking about sharing this event in my presentations and I wanted to make sure my kids were okay with my decision.

They were wonderful.  Why did I expect anything less?!

When I told our son, Sean,  tears welled up in his eyes and he gave me a huge hug. I asked him if he was okay with me sharing this with my audiences and he said with love “Of course, mom, it’s your story.”

Each of us have a story.  Why then do we feel the need to act like everything has been rosy in our life?  Why do we have this facade of a perfect life and wonder why others don’t relate to us?

When you let people into your life they feel a bond with you.  When they hear your story they know they are not the only one in this world who is facing issues and challenges.

Professional Organizers:
Share that you have struggled with your paper piles, with over committing your calendar, and with the outdated coupons in your kitchen drawer.

Share your story of moving 7 times in 8 years and while it was extremely stressful you now understand not only the mechanics of moving but the emotions behind this change.

Share how you struggled with chronic headaches until you started getting care regularly.

Share the real you when you speak with your stories (not other people’s) and how the lessons you learned apply to your audience.

Share with your clients not only your amazing tools and techniques but the why behind your business and life.

Multi-level Marketing Leaders:
Share with your downline what your struggles were getting started and how you grew your business – not just the success you have attained so far.

Important Note:
We don’t share our story to make it about us.  We share to help the people listening understand how they can take the lessons we learned and apply to their own life.

Are you wondering what stories to share?  An amazing speaker, Glenda Salsbury, taught me many years ago to ask these questions:

What are the three or more significant events that have impacted my life?
How have these affected my thoughts and actions?
Describe 2-3 people who have significantly impacted my life and how did their influence shape my life?

She then told me to share these events, stories, elements, and learning.

I recently spoke in Marion, OH at the Athena Awards Luncheon at noon and then presented my “There’s a Confidence App for That” workshop in the evening.  In both presentations I shared real stories about my life and how the lessons I learned apply to them.  After each presentation women came up to me and shared about their life.  This takes courage to share a story with a stranger and I treasure each of these women.  We now have a bond.

Being real is a cool way to live.  Is now your time to be real?

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