Are you ready to get the 5 Tools You Must have for Business Success in 2012?

I want you to have business excellence in 2012.  I really do!  I’ve been thinking about what really makes the difference in my business and my coaching client’s businesses and I came up with these 5 tools.  Put them into place NOW, please!   

Tool #1:  Track Your Money

If you don’t have a handle on the money side of your business and know exactly where you are at financially all decisions become very muddy. When you feel unclear it’s easy to make decisions you regret later.

Tool:  If you’re not using QuickBooks, start.  You can try it for free online here. You will need some help to get it set up but once it’s going you will know exactly where you stand financially and start making great decisions for you and your business.  Tracey Gritz, one of my coaching clients is a QuickBooks expert and has training offerings for you to get you up and running.

Another must-have tool that I give my SuccessPlus Coaching Program clients is the Numbers Tracking Tool.  When you use this you know exactly what you have booked for the month and where you are at with your monthly goals.  This tool is a fantastic focus tool, motivation tool, and recognition tool.

Tool #2:  Stay Focused

When you write your to-do list every day you have a plethora of choices to write down. Usually very few have anything to do with growing your business.  Instead of asking ‘What should I do today?’ the question you should ask is “What can I do today to put me closest to the money?”  That is an entirely different question with entirely different answers.

Tool:  Use 3×5 cards or I call them Action Cards and write down one ‘closest to the money’ task per card and write down 3 things you can do to put you closest to the money.  Do these 3 tasks first. When you are done it is so much fun to chuck the card into the Recycle Bin!

Tool #3:  The Answer to “What Do You Do?”

Do you stay away from networking events because you are terrified of what to say when someone asks you “What do you do?”  If so you and thousands of others feel the same way.  It’s imperative that you stop answering the question with your title – Professional Organizer, Lawyer, Interior Designer, etc.  When you do that you sound like everyone else in the room.

Tool:  Start answering the question with the answer to this question “What do I (meaning you) want more of?” Do you want more residential organizing clients? Then you’d answer with “I work with busy moms who want to clear out the clutter and spend more time with their family.” Do you want more staging clients?  Then you’d answer with “I work with homeowners who are ready to sell their home and want it to look great and sell quickly.”  Get the idea?!  The template is: I work with ___________________(ideal clients) who want to ________________ and __________________ (2 outcomes from working with you).

Tool #4:  #1 Marketing Strategy 

Would you just love to have your ideal clients calling you…often?! Then you need to get in front of them.  I have 12 years of hard evidence that shows that when you speak often in front of people you’d like to work with your telephone WILL ring.  That is a lot more fun than cold calling, networking (in my opinion!) and the host of other marketing strategies that to me seem like a lot more work.

Tool:  What do you most love to do with your clients?  Prepare a 20-minute presentation on that topic. This is so easy because you live and breathe this stuff. Put together an opening, a closing and 5 minutes each on the 3 most important points you want your audience to walk away with from your talk.  At the end of the presentation offer them a special of your services and you are on your way.

Tool #5:  Leverage Your List

I hope you are sending out a monthly newsletter. If you’re not that is job 1.  If you are sending a newsletter chances are you are sending the same newsletter to your entire list.  Do you really think that your entire list wants the same information?

Tool:  Segment your database into categories. For example: Current clients, past clients, prospects, etc.  Then make a decision that once a month you will send one of these categories a special mailing. For example my coaching clients get my Friday Feature every Friday where I update them on the SuccessPlus Coaching program calendar, other info, and give them a success tip.  Members of my SuccessPlus Community get a Success Secret e-mail every Wednesday.  What group do you want to send something special to each month?

Now is your time. Finish off 2011 STRONG and start 2012 off with a BANG and start using these 5 tried-and-true tools.


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