All is well

Have you ever wanted to do something that you knew would be great – but you were scared? But, you really wanted to do it?

easter-3That was Addilynn on Easter when we were visiting my mom. Uncle Sean challenged her to jump to him. Addilynn wasn’t so sure at first. But, she trusted Sean and jumped with a scream. Then, of course, she wanted to do it over and over again!

She trusted Uncle Sean and all was well.

Perhaps you trusted someone in the past and they let you down. Now, it’s hard to trust anyone. I so get that.

Thankfully, today is your fresh start.

1st: Trust yourself. If you say you’re going to take a walk – take a walk. If you say you’re going to eat healthier – eat healthier. If you say you’re going to organize the makeup drawer – do it.

But, if you are like 99.999% of the people in the world you don’t always do what you say you are going to do.

That’s where the fresh start comes in. Every day you can start over. The more you do what you say you are going to do – the more you can trust yourself.

2nd: Trust God. He will never let you down. Things may not be in your timing or how you thought it may happen – but you can trust Him. When you trust Him, no matter the outcome, all is well.

3rd: Trust me! I want to assist you in clearing out the gunk in your life – physically and emotionally – and have you feel all is well with yourself. One way I can help you is in my Clear the Desk Movement. If you are not a member, why not? Join here..


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