9 Quick Tips to Organize Your Home and Office…Now!

It’s great if you can find the time to organize entire areas or rooms at one time but that isn’t always possible.  Here are 9 quick tips you can do in 30 minutes or less:

  1. Whenever you bring something new into your home donate or toss something.  You bring 2 items in – out goes 2 items.
  2. Open your desk drawer and take out what you can hold in 2 hands.  Spread everything out and ruthlessly go through these items.  Toss, relocate, or sort into ‘like’ piles and only put back in your drawer what you really use.  That does not include broken pens!
  3. Set your timer for 30 minutes and delete as many e-mails as you can.
  4. Get a ‘donate’ box and go to your clothes closet.  Cheerfully put at least 10 items in your box and go donate them right away. If you’re really feeling funky go through each closet in the house!
  5. Start opening your mail over the shredder and recycling bin. That’s where most of it belongs.  Set up a Command Center for the important papers.
  6. Use the rip-and-read technique when looking at magazines. The first time through rip out articles that are of interest and staple.  Put in your To Read folder in your Command Center and the next time you’re traveling or going to the doctor’s office grab your folder. Recycle the rest of the magazine or give to someone else.
  7. Plan all of your menus on Sunday and go get the groceries.  Brown the meat, cut up the veggies, etc ahead of time.  You’ll be glad every day at 4 pm when you know what’s for dinner!
  8. Make your bed every morning. Put the dirty clothes in the hamper. Put away the makeup, skin cleansing lotions, etc. Pick up the books on the bedside table.  Aaahh, now you have a peaceful place to sleep.
  9. Every night go around the home and office and pick up. Put items away, file some papers, get your stuff ready for the next day, etc.  You’ll have great mornings when you do this!

Fearless Organizing Assignment:
Pick one thing to do right now – yes, right now!  Do just one small thing every day and you’re going to feel great about your home and office.

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