365 Days of Gratitude – Day 98:Taking care of the children

Today was a fun day!  I spoke to over 250 attendees at the Minnesota Child Care Association’s 10th Annual Administrators Conference in Minneapolis, MN.  I spoke on Organizing Your Space, Organizing Your Time, and gave my keynote Now is Your Time.  A fun day and a very full day. These are very special people who run child care centers.  I can’t even imagine what they deal with every day.  But every one I met was upbeat and open to learning something new.  The association’s tag line is ‘One Voice for Children’.  I am so grateful for those whose mission is to take wonderful care of our children.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. DORIS VOGEL says:

    Sounds just great with your encouragement for all of the care givers. What a busy life you have continually. We feel we want to see Abby, maybe even another day rather than Easter, as you deserve youf own fajily with grandchild and children coming home. I could take something for a Sat. noon time or whatever works out with the darlings too. Home on Easter is really a joy for us this year, I tire so easily. Love in your plans, and blessinga all around. Love you, Mom

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