365 Days of Gratitude – Day 303: A new way

I love learning new things particularly computer related. I just find it fascinating. Today I was on a webinar where they taught some different feature of WordPress which is the platform I use for this blog and for my websites.  If you’ve followed me for awhile with my Days of Gratitude you know that I always have a picture with my blog posts.  One picture.  Mainly because I don’t know how to insert more than one picture and have it look good.  During the webinar I was thrilled to learn how to insert more than one picture at a time and have it look cool.  You can see the results on this post as I show you how my granddaughter, Addi, has grown over the last 8 months. I am so grateful for people who know more than I do and love to teach what they know!

What are you grateful for today?

3 Responses to 365 Days of Gratitude – Day 303: A new way

  1. Okay, now that IS cool and I don’t know anything about WP either. So how is that done?

  2. nancy says:

    Wow! That’s really awesome. What a precious baby. Grandchildren are such special gifts from God. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth.

  3. Jill Annis says:

    WP frustrates me sometimes. I think I’ll ask you how you did this in a near future coaching call. Who hosted the webinar?

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