3 Marketing Strategies…Every 30 Days

Unfortunately, most independent professionals are marketing by a ‘wing and a prayer’.  They toss out random (if any) marketing strategies and then hope and pray someone will call them or e-mail and say “Hire me now”. 

This plan will keep your business at poverty level.

So, what should you do?

Pick 3 of the 8 Core New Contact Marketing Strategies and execute them at least ONCE every 30 days.  Consistently, not when you feel like it.

Consistency is key.

Which of the 8 Core New Marketing Strategies will you pick and stay with?

  1. Direct Mail – sending something in snail mail
  2. Telemarketing – calling someone you do not know
  3. Networking – attending a group event
  4. Trade Show – have a booth at an event
  5. Showcase or Free Service Strategy – offer your services/assessment/consultation/teleclass for free
  6. Advertising -a paid ad
  7. Publicity – become more visible in the marketplace
  8. Advocate or Target 25 – create top-of-mind presence with those who believe in you and your work

(These strategies are found in Mark LeBlanc’s book “Growing Your Business”)

Make a decision.  Pick 3. Now get your calendar and make appointments to execute your 3 strategies every 30 days.  When a marketing strategy fails it is not the strategies fault but in how you executed the strategy. I know we’d rather blame the strategy but that gets us no where…fast.

Would you like help in designing and implementing your 2012 Marketing Plan so you will have more courage in your business, more focus on the right things to move your business forward, more momentum in your day-to-day business activities,  and be more productive instead of wondering what to do every day?

Attend the “Discover the Step-by-Step System to Design a Marketing Plan for 2012 that Works” teleclass.  You do not want to miss this opportunity!  All the info is here and I can’t wait to help you explode your business this year!

Now is your time. 2012 IS YOUR YEAR.

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