It’s Your Time for Incredible Impact with Others

It's Your Time.My theme in 2009 for my business is Incredible Impact. My goal is to reach as many women as possible with the message that ‘right now’ is their time.

I’ve just developed an inspirational keynote called ‘It’s Your Time:  7 Action Steps to be Fearless, Successful, and Extraordinary!’ and I can’t wait to present it all over the country and make an impact in thousands of lives. I also want to make an impact with you in my newsletters.  So, each newsletter this year will focus on ways in which we can impact ourselves and others.

My January newsletter talked about letting go of the past so you can make an incredible impact this year. If you haven’t done the exercise in that newsletter please take the time to do it now.

I want to give you a great technique to make an impact with others.  When you are with someone else are you totally focused onthem? Or, are you thinking about everything else you could be doing and even answering your cell phone while you’re with them?  These are not actions that help relationships!

The technique that has changed my life I call the “For This Moment Technique”.  The first time I remember realizing this was 20 years ago when our son, Sean, who is now 23, was 3 years old.  I was in our minivan doing errands with Sean and the other three children were with their grandma.  About a mile from our home the minivan died – deader than a door nail.  I got all stressed out thinking about how I was going to get the van fixed, picking up the rest of the kids, getting Sean home, etc.  I finally decided just to walk home with Sean and call the fix-it person when I got home.  We started walking and the stress just go higher and higher and I was thinking about everything that wasn’t getting done.  Suddenly I stopped and realized that it was a beautiful day in South Dakota and I was holding the hand of the most adorable 3-year old in the entire world!  For that moment I put my focus totally on Sean, we had a great walk home, and everything got taken care of.

Focus = Doing something and thinking about it at the same time.

Right now what are you totally focused on?  Is it reading this newsletter or 10 other things? When you’re in conversation with someone are you totally focused on them or everyone else in the room?  I want you to know that if you will start using the “For This Moment Technique” when you’re with others you will start chancing your relationships overnight. The other person will feel totally cared for and very special.  It works! This is your time to make an impact on others.

It’s Your Time Assignment:

  1. Make a decision to try the “For This Moment Technique”.  Not only with people but with a project you are working on. Just focus on one project until completion and you’ll be amazed at how your productivity increases.
  2. Take action by turning your cell phone off when you’re with others.  There’s a reason there is voice mail on your phone.
  3. Stay focused on one person or one project at a time and your life will change.

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