2016 Success Now: Action Step #7 – Schedule or Be Lost

The movie, City Slickers, has a lot of great quotes and one of my favorites comes from the scene when Ed and Phil are riding horses and herding cattle. After many mishaps things are finally going well.  At one point Ed shouts to Phil- “Hey, Phil, we’re doing it.  We’re driving them.”  Phil shouts back “Ah, that’s perfect! We’re lost but we’re making good time.”


Have you ever felt this way in your office? At 5:00 you look back on your day and realize how busy you were but you really can’t pinpoint one thing you got done.

You are lost – but making really good time.

Picture from Kanbanflow

But, here is an important truth – life isn’t about making good time – it’s about the time you are making.

The key is to plan ahead.  Monday morning is the perfect day to look ahead to your week and make sure you are not only scheduling what you have to get done but also what you wantto get done.

I’ve used my Outlook calendar for years and it syncs beautifully with my iPhone. It works. But, there was something missing. I was only looking day to day – not thinking ahead about the entire week.  And, I didn’t have a good system for all the action steps associated with my projects.

Enter www.KanbanFlow.com .  This is a free online service where I can list all  my projects, give them sub-tasks, and then pull them into the day I want to work on the project. I love this service!

Tell me – will you be lost this next week or making sure you are accomplishing what you want to do to move your life and business forward?

Excuse me while I now go plan for this upcoming week!

Psalm 90:12 The Message 

Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!

To live wisely and well it to use your time wisely! Plan ahead and watch your productivity soar and life get better.

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