2016 Success Now: Action Step #22 – Share to show you care

addi-sharing-3Right before my dad went into hospice we took our granddaughter, Addilynn, to visit him.  Addi walked right up to her great grandpa, gave him a big hug, and then started sharing her heart stickers. My dad told housekeeping to never take them off.

Sharing is a beautiful thing.

Today I want you to share:

  • A book, eBook, or article you’ve written
  • A book or article by someone else
  • Flowers
  • Cute card
  • Heart stickers!

Either by mail or e-mail share away! In fact, going into 2016 I want you to make Tuesdays ‘Share Day’.

Brighten someone’s day by sharing.

What are you waiting for?

MIcah 6:8  (My life verse)  The Message

It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don’t take yourself to seriously – take God seriously.

It comes down to being fair and just, compassionate and loyal, and not taking ourselves too seriously. Sounds simple but for some reason it’s not. Let’s change that!!

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