2015 Success Now: Action Step #3 – Seize the Cards

biz-cardEver have someone call you and you wonder where on earth you met them?  Or, what company there are with?  Or, what you last talked about with them?

Today, not tomorrow, today is the day to seize all of those business cards, post-it notes with names and phone numbers, napkins and scraps of paper with information from people you’ve met that you have on your desk, in your desk, in the purse, in the car – wherever!

Now that they are all in one place take 10 of them.  Yes, just 10.

Open up your contact database system and enter them and add as much information as you can remember about the person. What is most important as you enter their information is to categorize them immediately. Examples of categories are prospects, clients, past clients, etc.  When you do this it makes following up with segments of your database as easy as can be.

Do not wait any longer.  Why? Because they don’t need you 3 months from now.  They need to hear from you now.

Tomorrow enter another 10.  The next day another 10.

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