2015 Success Now: Action Step #17 – Stop It

facebookWith all due respect to the social media gurus out there I’m wondering if the time you spend on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram, etc has put money in your bank account.

I would really like to know.

Too many people are hiding behind their computer and hoping that if they just post enough and comment on other’s posts they are doing a good job of marketing.

Not if it’s not getting you conversations with prospects.

You may think I have something against social media.  Not at all.  I want it to be a part of your marketing plan – not your only marketing strategy.

If you are using the ‘hope and pray’ strategy with social media just stop it.  Set a time limit for being on social media and then put a specific marketing plan in place that gets your phone to ring.  Yes, actually talking on the phone.  That’s where the magic is.

What are you waiting for?

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