2015 Success Now: Action Step #15 – Save for Later

Having a shredder is a wonderful idea.  Using it is even better!

I used to always have a big pile of papers to shred on the floor by my shredder until I would take the time to shred.

Drove me nuts.

shredderI needed a system. I wanted to have a place to keep the papers I wanted to shred but out of sight.
I discovered the most amazing tool for my new system – Post-it Wall Pockets. Simply wonderful!!

I placed the Post-It Wall Pocket on the side of my desk by my shredder and put paper I want to shred in the pocket.   The papers are there when I’m ready.  No more piles.

We all know we should not toss papers with personal information but sometimes it’s easier to toss/recycle than to take the time to shred.  Not anymore!  Set up your own shredding system and you are good to go.

It’s ok to save things for later when you have a system.  Systems make everything easier in your business.  This is an easy one to set up and then we are ready to tackle a bigger one!

What are you waiting for?

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